Dec 2 / Rob

Playoff Gameday: JMU vs. Stony Brook

It’s a great day to be a Duke. Coach Houston and the boys kick off their playoff run today with a game against Stony Brook in the lovely confines of Bridgeforth Stadium. If you’re unable to make it to the ‘burg for the game, you can tune in via ESPN3. Both teams are amped up and ready to go. But Dukes ain’t scared. Stay warm if you’re tailgating everyone. It’s now time to Lock the Damn Gates!

Go Dukes!

Keep Rootin!


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  1. Shadow / Dec 2 2017

    It’s “not” time to Lock the Damn Gates????

  2. Shadow / Dec 2 2017

    Last time we wore the all black uni with gold helmet combo was back during the 2014 1st round playoff game at home against Liberty.
    I believe we’ll play better this time around.
    Though, I wish we were wearing the sick white helmets with the gold stripe and our beloved DukeDog.
    There’s just something about those helmets…they symbolize something…

  3. Rob / Dec 2 2017

    @Shadow now, not…what’s the difference? Haha.

  4. 2004 Duke / Dec 2 2017

    I have this gut feeling that SB is about to get killed.

  5. JMU2K1 / Dec 2 2017

    Listening on Madisozone at 4 am here in Seoul. Glad I got up in time or I would have been that first drive…

    How big is the crowd?

  6. Rob / Dec 2 2017

    Think the crowd was around 16-17K. Pretty good for a playoff game.

    SB ain’t see anything like this JMU Defense before.

  7. 2004 Duke / Dec 2 2017

    Things JMU fans say:

    “Ugh I wish this was on Madizone instead of ESPN.”


  8. RB / Dec 2 2017

    yep, didn’t buffer too bad on my iphone, but on the laptop connected to my TV it was horrible. had to give up on the bigscreen and watch it on a phone.

    Harry H’s tweet was the best line of the day — “the squirrel got into the end zone twice; more times than Stony Brook did the entire game.” Classic!

    Hey coach pierogi — who’s the CAA champion??? Maybe classless Babblin’ Brook bunch should join the Patriot league where they could beat up on the likes of Lehigh.

  9. Shrowder / Dec 2 2017

    I guess Houston and staff better start preparing for Weber State instead of SUU? What a wild day in the FCS. If anyone knows anything about Weber please share here or in the post gamer tomorrow/Monday.

  10. RB / Dec 3 2017

    “The game was closer than the scoreboard in terms of how things went on the field…” – Stony Brook head coach Chuck Priore.

    This quote should have been followed by, “and then the game kicked off”.

    Which game did he attend yesterday? I thought he was in Harrisonburg watching his Sea Monkeys get dominated.

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