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Guest Post: Darts & Pats

Isaiah won last week’s prediction contest and earned the right to guest post. Here’s an awesome edition of Darts & Pats, JMU football style.

As a JMU alumnus and former player I follow the team and JMUSB very closely during the season. Every week I throw out a prediction not thinking I’d win, so now that I actually have to write something I’ll just wing it. Also most of you are probably reading this at work, so it will be short enough that you remember the cover sheet on your TPS report.

In spirit of the “Darts and Pats” section of the Breeze I hope you enjoy this.

A “chill bro” dart to Weber State’s head coach, Jay Hill, for trying to ice Ethan Ratke before the game winning field goal… He should have known the Redshirt Freshman already had ice in his veins.

A “shooters shoot” pat to the entire JMU football team for keeping your composure to score 11 points in the last 3 minutes to win… unlike me I thought my heart was going to explode

A “Lock The Damn Gates!” pat to JMU Athletics on securing Mike Houston with a huge contract extension. JMU loves winning and isn’t afraid to open up the checkbook. I wouldn’t completely agree with Curt Dudley and his comparison to the Yankees since they basically buy championships… But we know it will be a great return on investment especially when you consider the upcoming recruiting class.

An “enjoy it while it last” dart to the SDSU players grinning during last week’s postgame presser. JMU and UNH might be in the same conference, but we have proven to be a different breed.

A “that’s ironic” pat to Daktronics for supplying Bridgeforth Stadium with the huge video display and awesome graphics. For those who don’t know Daktronics is a tech company based out of Brookings, SD just like SDSU. I didn’t know this either until a friend mentioned it to me (thanks Gumby)… Regardless it’s going to look great skinning the jackrabbits alive for 60 minutes Saturday.

Last but not least a “thanks for holding the door” pat to JMU Residence Services for keeping the residence halls open until Sunday for students with game tickets. This game is for a trip to Frisco, so the stadium needs to be rocking for all 4 quarters. The game is on a national broadcast, so we can showcase the best team and fans in the nation.

With all that being said I really enjoy reading this blog every week and respect the work that goes into it. I placed my t-shirt order for the current JMUSB campaign and look forward to wearing it in Frisco… I already booked my Airbnb – Go Dukes!

Beer of the Week: When I was a student at JMU I stuck to the motto “if it’s wet I’ll drink it”, but I’m no longer a savage… I live in Austin, TX now, so I recommend a local favorite Live Oak HefeWeizen… for those elsewhere around the country grab a Sam Adam’s Winter Lager.


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  1. Chris / Dec 14 2017

    good post. GO DUKES!

  2. John Morris / Dec 14 2017

    Isaiah – 512 IPA. Best beer in Texas right in your backyard.

  3. Drake / Dec 14 2017

    Seems to be a buzzword with people this week. They are saying the JMU defense was “exposed”. I’m not sure they performed as badly as fans think. Their 1st half performance was stellar, they stopped them on a 3 and out to get our offense back on to win the game, and the QB’s stat line wasn’t anything great. Sure, they gave up those 2 big touchdowns in the 2nd half, but I wouldn’t call it exposed. This was the 1st team since UNH last year to score over 17 on JMU and that’s a crazy streak in itself. I think because it hasn’t happened in so long, people are just freaking out.

    Good article. This wasn’t aimed at the writer, just some thoughts after reading some articles and comments elsewhere.

  4. Isaiah / Dec 14 2017

    Drake^^^ I completely agree with you. If you take away the big 81 yard touchdown pass Weber finishes the game with well under 300 total yards. Our defense made a couple of correctable mistakes that Weber State capitalized on. The defense will be just fine.

  5. Todd / Dec 14 2017

    Perfectly said Drake! Even the two long passes had defenders essentially in position just missed making the plays, which is even more rare with this group.

  6. The Fly / Dec 14 2017

    Nice work!

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