Jan 2 / Rob

Championship Week Is Here

It’s finally here. Frisco Week. The FCS National Championship that we’ve all been anticipating for weeks (months?) is just days away. Our beloved JMU Dukes face off against the North Dakota Bison in 4 more days to decide who the best team in all of FCS is. And we couldn’t be more excited.
Things have been a little light around here content wise lately. Let us explain. First, as excited as we are about the big game, it was Christmas last week. (Perhaps you noticed.) The holidays bring all sorts of joy, and a little bit of stress too if we’re bing honest. While we fully admit this isn’t the world’s greatest blog (feel free to tell us why we’re wrong in the comments), we assure you it would be far worse if we didn’t at least try to take a step back and find some balance every now and again. The Christmas season is one of those times we choose to do that. We also had a nasty bout of the flu go through our NC and VA headquarters, which put us both down for the count for a few days.
Regardless, we’re alive and kicking and ready go now. We’re a little off schedule, but we’re treating this like any other game week. Tonight we’re recording a pod with our very first recurring guest. He was terrific the first time and we think y’all will love listening to him preview the game with us. We’ll also probably discuss travel plans for this weekend (or lack thereof in my case). Then we’ll have the prediction contest and our game preview on Thursday and Friday. If anything crazy pops up or we find ourselves with a bunch of free time, maybe we’ll sneak in one or two more posts. In any case, we hope you got some time to recharge over the past week or so. Now let’s get ready for the game.


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  1. Oz / Jan 2 2018

    You’re wrong! Your blog is da bomb! Sorry about your illnesses. Feel better soon. Go Dukes!

  2. Mike in Ohio / Jan 2 2018

    Always enjoy the blog and am happy to report that in spite of a rash of porch thefts of deliveries in my neighborhood around Christmas time, the JMUSB tee shirt was delivered last week and left untouched on my front porch. Will wear it Saturday at the watch party in Ohio. Also, just so the Dukes show up for the right game on Saturday, they are playing the North Dakota STATE Bison not the North Daota Bison. Confusing the two is reason for a fight up there.

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