Jan 3 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Frisco Extravaganza

Good morning everyone. Our Frisco championship week episode is up and available for your listening pleasure. You should listen. In this episode, we welcome Dirron Allen from the JMU Alumni Association Board of Directors to talk a little bit about watch parties and getting involved as an alum. Then we have our very first recurring guest, Bennett Conlin come on to talk about Frisco and the big JMU vs. NDSU match-up. And Bennet brought stats! We break down the game a bit, but also ramble on about streamers and the entire notion of being “North Dakota Nice.” Things close out with an off topic discussion of the best non-JMU sporting events we’ve ever attended.

Thanks again to our podcast sponsor Pale Fire Brewing. Drop in for a beer next time you’re in the ‘burg.

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  1. Dukes4 / Jan 3 2018

    Nice work.
    Side question: What lot do most JMU fans park in? Last year we ended up on east side in the blue lot and there were plenty of fans there but it was clearly not the JMU lot. Red ? Pink?

  2. Todd / Jan 3 2018

    Yeah, last year was all confusing and we all had no idea what we were doing.

    This year JMU has officially announced “Red Lot” as the JMU spot since we’re the “Home” team as the top seed and most of our fans will be on that side of the stadium. Sure it’s gonna be a mix everywhere b/c NDSU is a hardcore tailgating group but our little three-truck group will be in Red (West side of stadium opposite to where we parked last year).

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