Aug 27 / Todd


There’s a JMU Football game on Saturday. THIS Saturday. It’s in Raleigh at a real stadium against a real team with a real fanbase. It’s on ESPNU at noon. Except for the playoffs, it’s probably the game that excites many JMU fans the most this season.  So make that annual trip to Party City for bags of streamers and purple solo cups. And please listen the JMUSB podcast season preview after we record tonight. And get your work-purple ready for Friday.

And football isn’t the only thing going. In fact, it’ll be about the last JMU Fall Sport to kickoff. A few highlights of the past weekend included Field Hockey bouncing back from a frustrating opening night to pick up their first victory by shutting out Bucknell and the VolleyDukes taking two out of three, including a big statement with a victory over SEC foe Missouri.

So all we’re saying is it’s time to root and welcome back! Pod tonight, an attempt at real writing mid-week, and the first Beer of the Week and Preview coming on Friday. Can’t wait to join everyone on another ride this season.

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