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You Really Should Join Us at Quadfest Next Friday

Bye weeks kind of suck. We know this. But bye weeks before Homecoming at least give everyone a good chance to rest up before heading to the ‘burg next weekend. And you should get your rest now, because the Homecoming party doesn’t start at next Saturday’s tailgate, it’s starts at JMU QuadFest on Friday afternoon.

Yeah, like many of you, we weren’t quite familiar with Quadfest. It’s a relatively new thing that might not yet rank up there with other more established JMU Homecoming traditions such as losing at least one of your former suitemates before dusk, “olds” boring the hell out of innocent undergrads with their stories about what campus was like back in their day, or Mr. J’s approaching Guinness World Record levels for most hungover customers per capita on Sunday morning. But have patience. QuadFest will be up there soon. Because it’s a really great event.

In a nutshell, QuadFest is the official kickoff for JMU Homecoming. It takes place on the Quad (please turn in your JMU diploma if you couldn’t figure that out) from 5:00 to 7:15 next Friday, October 26.  Trust us when we say it has something for everyone (except Spatter fans because…gross). Want to bring the kids and show them where mom & dad went to school? There’s face-painting and plenty of fun kid’s activities sponsored by the Harrisonburg Children’s Museum. Kickoff your reunion weekend and get some fun pics with old classmates? The Rosy Red Photobooth is for you. Don’t have enough cheap crap cluttering up your house? Great news! They’ll be giving away gameday pom poms, koozies, etc. Love food trucks? You can grab some tasty Asian-fusion or Mexican eats. Excited to break out your old parachute pants and glacier sunglasses while rocking out to some gnarly tunes? The Reflex, and 80s cover band, will be playing. Most importantly, attendees can hear all about JMU’s second-ever comprehensive campaign at 7:00. And that is something we should all be excited about. Seriously.

If you read this blog you either have yet to discover that there are literally millions of better ways to entertain yourself on the internet, or you really, really love JMU. We certainly hope it’s the latter. And if it is, you should be as excited about this upcoming capital campaign as we are. JMU has been so, so good to us. We hope it’s been as good to you. So we are absolutely thrilled to learn about all the ways we can contribute to the school and ensure that future generations can have educational experiences as great as ours. QuadFest is a fun event to kickoff Homecoming. The school isn’t going to make anyone break out the check book on Friday night, but maybe don’t be afraid to contribute your time or money after you have a great time next weekend.

Oh yeah, there’s also a beer garden. It’s called “Duke Dog’s Watering Hole” and it’s where you’ll find us. In order to attend, you must register by midnight Sunday. Twenty bucks for 3 beers and appetizers. Sign up now. (And then join us at Pale Fire for our JMUSB Party after QuadFest on Friday.)


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  1. Pitz / Oct 19 2018

    See you there!

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  3. zac / Oct 19 2018

    I’m coming with Dirty and NotMikeHouston

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