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Guest Post: Random Thoughts and a Nifty Bracket

Cory won the prediction contest for the JMU vs. Towson contest, but we held off on publishing his post until after the holiday. Here it is. Enjoy!

It’s been nearly 2 years since I won the prediction contest and you would have thought in that time I would have come up with lots of ideas for my next win.  Either I wasn’t able to or the sheer number of concussive hits in college has made it impossible to remember anything for that long. So I decided to create a potpourri post that will include my official bracket this year (it isn’t what you might think it is).  

Away we go:

JMU is good this year, but should be even better next year.

Imagine if Rashad Robinson was healthy this year?!?!

8-3 is nothing to whine about…that was until 4 (really 3) CAA teams lost in the first round.

That being said I still think Rhode Island could have been in and competed somewhere with that offense.

JMU should have gotten a seed this year…I guess we will just have to take it from Colgate.

I’m a crazy fan and football alum but even after we are done with Colgate I’m not sure how we will do in Fargo. That doesn’t mean I won’t be there screaming my brains out.

Speaking of being a crazy fan..I had 2 JMU fans tell me to sit down at a home game because they couldn’t see. I very politely explained I paid for my tickets and can do what I want. And that they should stand up and cheer too. Keep in mind I try not to stand except on 3rd and 4th down. Am I wrong? Or was I right and too polite?

I wonder if we could have beaten UVA and/or VT this year. I like to think so.

Mike Houston probably isn’t the best candidate for Lousville or UNC but that doesn’t mean I’m any less worried about it. Sorry, Alex Wood and Everett Withers scarred me.

Did everyone see the Mickey Matthews quote where he called into the Daily News Record? “I feel better now. For years I thought the NCAA didn’t like me. Now I know they just don’t like JMU.”  Say what you will but I love that guy.

JMU’s campus really is one of the nicest around. I’m probably such a fan because there aren’t major roads dissecting it like VT and UVA.  

Have you ever been to a game at Villanova? I’ve made the 5+ hour drive a few times and it isn’t worth it. I love my Dukes but how in the world can a town with a University not have a Bdubs (as of the last time I went 3 years ago).

Top five places to get wings before a game (home or away): 1. Buffalo Wild Wings, 2. Hooters (not just for the wings), 3. Quaker Steak and Lube, 4. WingStop, 5. Tight Ends Sports Bar & Grill Plano, TX, (google it, NSFW more than likely)

As good as JMU football has become a large part of that is due to their recruiting outside of the area. I coach football in the Shenandoah Valley and unfortunately we aren’t very good around here (outside of little ‘ol Riverheads and East Rockingham).  

Speaking of East Rockingham High School…did you know that Kyle Gillenwater, a former D. Coordinator for Mickey, is now the D. Coordinator for that high school?  Just loved the area and wanted to move back. Although I was an OL he remembered me by name nearly 20 years later. Amazing.

Speaking of high school football I coached two girls this year. Both are 9th graders and yes, one of them is a kicker. But the other one played FB, WB in our triple option scheme. She played LB most of the year but was forced into playing CB(?!) during the last game of the year due to injuries. Here’s a link in case anyone wants to know more about these tough little nuggets.

I love Wyatt’s World at home games….but I would really prefer them at halftime and not right before a kickoff, defense stand etc.

And would it hurt to stop playing so much damn piped in music? You know who knows when the right time to play music is? THE MRD’s!!!  Those guys and gals are crazy and I love them. Best fans in the stadium so let them do their thing already. Rant over.

Songs that should be played during JMU games (yes, I know some are stolen from other teams and some we already play):

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor – for when you need to believe in comebacks

“Jump Around” by House of Pain – immediately following any playing of the songs in the next list

“Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne – when the offense is rolling along on a long drive

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses – to be played over the crappy NCAA mandated intros of opposing teams during playoff games

“Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks – maybe after a Targeting call, sorry I couldn’t help myself.

“Family Tradition” by Hank Williams, Jr. – just because I like the damn song and this is my list

“Seek and Destroy” by Metallica – Can you imagine this riff right before Kickoff?!  I know there’s a MRD that can play this by now and would destroy it.

“Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles – instead of Na Na Na Na Hey Hey-ey Goodbye

Star Wars- The Imperial March – When the defense returns to the field

“Loser” by Beck – reserved for when we beat Richmond at Home

“If You’re Gonna Play in Texas” by Alabama but only once a year and unfortunately probably not this year.

Songs that should NOT be played during JMU games (especially when it’s time to get hype and make noise):

“YMCA” by the Village People

“Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey – unless you are down and hoping for a comeback

“Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi

“All Star” by Smash Mouth

“Rock and Roll” by Gary Glitter – if you don’t know Mr. Glitter’s bio google it.

“Build me up ButterCup” by the Foundations

“Celebration” by Kool and the Gang

Anything that inspires the crowd to do the wave.

And now my bracket.


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  1. Robert Keeling / Nov 27 2018

    Great post! I have to agree with the bracket, and second the part about less stadium music and more MRDs. They have like 400 students able to play, let them loose!

  2. Deacon Danny / Nov 27 2018

    Love the random thought format!

  3. Deez / Nov 27 2018

    Ohh man there are some hot takes in here that really grind my gears too. Nice post/bracket! Go Dukes!

  4. Cody / Nov 27 2018

    I can get behind a majority of this post.

    Sweet Caroline, though, is a staple of my 6 years at JMU. It has been sung at all of the JMU weddings I’ve been to. So, I can’t part with that one. But, as a compromise, play it during warm ups? Maybe?

  5. ShadyP / Nov 28 2018

    Solid, great post. and yes CAA refs are that bad… the other conferences get to enjoy them at playoff time.

  6. randy'78 / Nov 28 2018

    Great post. Love the bracket. You are right for standing the entire game! We should all be standing. Can’t tell you how many times someone from behind has tugged on the back of my jacket. Road games are special because all there are true fans and most stand the entire game. God bless ’em!

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