Jan 27 / Todd

Jimmy MF’n Moreland Shows Out!

Thank you to the GOAT!

So everyone’s favorite player ever, Jimmy F’in Moreland, has been putting on a smoke show the last two weeks at the Shrine and Senior Bowls. At this point, we have to wonder if he’s even played his way into an NFL Combine invitation. Yesterday in the Senior Bowl – the big dog of draft prospect games – Jimmy showed he was ready for any level of competition. As JMU’s first ever player to participate in Senior Bowl, we were both thrilled and nervous. Why were ever nervous?! Just like he did throughout his Dukes career, Jimmy showed up! The highlight of the game was a huge hit on the goal line that was nearly a safety but for forward progress. It was also the only time he was really thrown at, though he moved well in a zone scheme on the other goal line and appeared to take away the opponent’s primary read on another play. Moreland also stuck his nose in and made a few more tackles on bigger backs. All in all, we didn’t see anything that would chill his rising stock in any way. Now we just need to get Rob some kickbacks for inventing arguably the greatest nickname in Dukes history!

In other news, while we warned you not to watch the men’s team flail on a  four-game weekend in the Convo, Coach O’s women’s squad took Elon out behind the woodshed Sunday in historic fashion. The women led 48-8 at the half and cruised to a not-even-as-close-as-the-score-indicated 82-30 victory over defending CAA champ Elon. The 8 points in a half were the fewest ever scored at the Convo. The nation’s leader in scoring defense showed why this team is not to be trifled with.

Finally, on a personal note, please join me in thanking Rob for carrying the writing here during an odd few months for me – Dukes First. Dukes Last. Dukes Always. I’ll try and pick up the slack now and thanks to all of you who are still here for our tenth year here at JMUSB!

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