Feb 26 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: The State of JMU Hoops

We’re back with another episode of the JMUSB Podcast. It was a terrific weekend for JMU sports, highlighted by a big win over first place Hofstra in hoops. In this episode we talk all about the win and where things stand with Lou Rowe and the program. Then we wrap things up with a brief (for us) discussion about our dream guests for the pod.

We also welcome our newest sponsor, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing, an amazing full service outfitter in Harrisonburg. JMUSB Podcast listeners can swing by the shop on 480 East Market Street and mention the pod to get a free sticker. If you’ve never fly fished before, I highly recommend taking the intro class. I did it and had a blast. And if you’re more experienced, treat yourself to a guided trip. And then swing by our other loverly sponsor Pale Fire Brewing for a cold one. Mention the pod and you’ll get a free pint glass to take home after you finish your beer.


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  1. Todd Boss / Feb 27 2019

    Hey, what’s going on with all the spam posts here?

  2. Mike in Columbus / Mar 1 2019

    As always, just when one begins to think JMU basketball is turning a corner and gets me a little excited, they then lay an egg and I realize they are just as mediocre as they have been. After listening to last Satirday’s win against Hofstra, I came away really thinking something good was being built but last night’s putrid performance shows that win to be a fluke. No real overall improvement and The season will end with another sub 500 record. Rowe seems like a good guy but just not one who is capable of coaching the team to anything beyond a so-so season nor capable of recruiting players who can ake an immediate impact. Probably time to move on to someone else although Bourne seems incapable of hiring a coach who can turn things around.

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