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Listen to Coach O Before the Big Game

JMU Women’s Basketball followed up the big win over VA Tech, with a defeat of Georgetown. And now they’re headed to the WNIT Final Four. The ladies will play Northwestern at home on Wednesday, April 3 in the Convo. Head Coach of the Dukes Sean O’Regan was kind enough to join us on the pod this week to discuss JMU’s run and break down the semifinal game. Despite the sometimes questionable (understatement) quality of our recording, you should really listen to what he has to say. We can’t thank him enough for taking the time to chat with us during this busy week.

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  1. CJ / Apr 4 2019

    Outstanding performance this year by the JMU WBB, going 29-6 on the year and making it all the way to the WNIT Final Four! They should have received an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament, but yet another example of what little regard is given to the CAA.

    JMU WBB is quite an example of how a team with just as many (if not less) tools and resources as our MBB program still manages to punch way above its weight class and overachieve! They stand in stark contrast to our floundering MBB program, which I believe has no legitimate excuse for their poor record.

    The excuses persist as we stretch to defend Lou Rowe (“but he’s a JMU alum and he was such a great player…” “But the team improved so much this year by winning 14 games…” “But we made it to the 2nd round of the CAA tournament..” “But Rowe just needs more time to build…” etc etc etc)… nevertheless, I’m going to go on record right now with the confident prediction that next year’s MBB team will NOT have a winning record, will NOT win the CAA tournament, and in fact will NOT give a reasonable person any indication that this program will have any success with Rowe as head coach. You can mark my words, and I’ll be happy to eat crow if I’m wrong, but this is the obvious conclusion based on the facts.

    Apologies because I know negativity is not preferred on this blog, but the embarrassing state of our MBB program deserves a realistic perspective.

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