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His Name is Jimmy Effin Moreland

The Washington Redskins did something right. Seriously, it’s true. After repeatedly trying to win offseason championships year after year by signing overhyped, washed stars of yesteryear, the organization actually did its homework and sought out high value players in the 2019 draft. And one of those high value players was JMUSB favorite Jimmy Moreland. Or Jimmy Effin Moreland as he’s officially known.

Jimmy was a seventh round pick. Seventh round picks are no lock to make the final 53 man rosters. But Jimmy is Jimmy. And he’s already doing Jimmy things. He turned heads in the Skins rookie camp. And now he’s making plays during Washington’s first rounds of OTAs. He’s a dog. As JMU fans, we all know this. And now Washington fans are starting to see it. Seats on the bandwagon are filling up fast. Beat writers, fans, and coaches are excited about him. We’re thrilled for him personally. At least one of us if thrilled for the Skins fanbase and all the joy he’s going to bring it (hint: not me). But let’s get one things straight. His name is Jimmy Effin Moreland. He might need an introduction, but he doesn’t need a nickname.

We’ve read the tweets, enjoyed the coaches’ comments, and heard the soundbites. They’re all great. We love them. Watching Jimmy play has brought us immeasurable amounts of joy the past few years. It’s really, really fun to see newbies who haven’t had the pleasure of watching him play, catch the Jimmy bug. It’s infectious. But let’s get one thing clear. He has a nickname. Actually, it’s more than a nickname. It’s his official name (check the birth certificate) and it’s Jimmy Effin Moreland.

Look, we get it. There are dead spots in the sports calendar. Folks need to create content. There’s a serious temptation to make too much of the latest amazing 3 interception performance by a 7th round pick who is a serious ball hawk, won’t back down from anyone, and can not only make picks but can return to the house. We understand how folks might get a little ahead of themselves and think it’s time to create nicknames for OTA studs. It’s not. And not because they’r not future NFL studs. But because some of them already have the nicknames covered.

JMU fans are passionate. We can also be a prickly bunch. But y’all need to let us have this. We’ve known Jimmy for years. We saw greatness from the get go. We were all in from the breakout performance against Lehigh. We were in his corner during his hiatus from the team. And of course we were all in during his triumphant return. So forgive us if we feel somewhat protective of our guy. We love him getting shine, but also want folks to know the history. He’s not coming out nowhere. He’s coming from JMU, a place where he made plays, won championships, and became a legend.

Much like JMU fans, Washington coach Jay Gruden seems pretty hyped about Jimmy. He loudly proclaimed “there’s a mouse in the house” when talking about our guy making 3 picks at practice. Jimmy is no rodent and he ain’t gonna go by “mouse.” Let’s make a deal Jay. You do your thing and let JMU fans do ours. That means we’ll cover the nicknames for all time great Dukes, and you can continue to keep the seat warm before Emperor Snyder gets an itchy trigger finger and replaces you with another perfectly pleasant, yet ultimately mediocre individual who’ll be hamstrung in all the same ways you are. And in other situations “the people’s corner” would have potential, but it’s completely unnecessary at this point. He already has a name. It’s Jimmy Effin Moreland.

Finally, please spare us the cries about it being an offensive nickname. Our guy is playing for the Redskins. The Redskins! This ain’t the franchise to pull that card. And even if the media comes down hard on the PC angle, we’re sure Danny Boy can just pay some random dude to pretend like he speaks for a proud history of Effin lineage. The man already has a nickname. It’s pretty official. Let’s not overthink this folks. Just go with it.

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  1. Uncle Ron / May 30 2019

    Thank you Rob. This is important to get on the table immediately.

    And it’s hilarious that this was not written by Todd.

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