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JMUSB Answers the Tough Questions

Thanks to the wonders of Google auto-complete, we stumbled into the top questions people have about JMU. We included them above. Sure, you could click on each term and painstakingly browse the search results to come up with an answer. Or you could just let us, your trusty blogger friends answer the questions for you. Let’s do that. From the top down, here are your answers.

  • Yes, JMU is D1. The school’s 17 athletic programs compete in the NCAA’s Division 1 (D1) at for all sports, with football playing in the D1 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).
  • It is. In fact, it was recently recognized as the number one college in Virginia for post graduate employment. 
  • Yep. There’s more to college than just studying. 
  • Guess some people assume it is, because of the name, but nope, it’s not private. 
  • Thought we covered this already, but yeah, JMU is a D1 school. Not sure what the confusion is.
  • It’s selective, but far from impossible to get into. It helps to be well rounded, fun, and good looking. 
  • Sheesh. Why is this so hard to understand people? Yes, the football team is D1 and it plays in the Football Championship Subdivision. 
  • No. Wouldn’t be much of a party school if it was.
  • You can apply to JMU via the Common App.
  • Enough already. We’re done.

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  1. JMU alumni / Jun 25 2019

    JMU does not accept the Common App.

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