Jul 24 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Talking Football with Chattanooga and Elon Previews

We’ve been slacking on the blog (that ends soon), but we did manage to record to a new episode of the JMUSB Podcast. And no joke, in it we’re talking football. Not cheap jokes about conference realignment, but a real, honest to God discussion about the 2019 season. In particular, we take a look at the Dukes game at UT Chattanooga, a game we’re pretty stoked about, and the CAA conference opener against Elon. It’s going to be a revenge game of sorts for both teams. Give it a listen. You won’t regret it (maybe).

As always, thanks to our sponsors, Mossy Creek Fly Fishing and Pale Fire Brewing. JMUSB Podcast listeners can swing by the fly shop on 480 East Market Street and mention the pod to get a free sticker. And then swing by our other loverly sponsor Pale Fire Brewing for a cold one. Mention the pod and you’ll get a free pint glass to take home after you finish your beer.


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  1. JMUJoe / Aug 17 2019

    Satchmo’s Spida Gang 2019 season preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxxpxz3NS18

  2. JMUJoe / Aug 20 2019

    Satchmo’s 2019 JMU Preview:


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