Aug 26 / Rob

We Are Back…Same As It Ever Was

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, rooters and non-rooters, we are back. Yeah, it’s been a while. You’re favorite bloggers haven’t really been bloggers at all. We’re a decade into this little project and for the first time ever we took the summer off. Actually, that’s giving us too much credit. We didn’t take time off as much as we simply enjoyed our lives and stopped worrying about “content.” But the pull of the Dukes is strong. And in case you haven’t heard, it’s game week. JMU plays West Virginia on Saturday. Coach Houston is gone and Coach Cignetti is all the rage now. It’s a new day. The boys are back in town. And by boys, we mean a couple of middle aged dorks no longer content to bore y’all on podcasts. Now we’re going to bore y’all on the blog as well. That’s right. It’s a brand new season for JMU Football. But it’s the same as it ever was for JMU Sports Blog. Hop on board for one more season. It’s gonna be fun.


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  1. Ken Woodburn / Aug 27 2019

    Welcome back fellas!

  2. Rob / Aug 27 2019

    Thanks Ken. Glad to be back and looking forward to football season!

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