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Guest Post: More Spider Stomping Memories

Rick Deloney won last week’s prediction contest. Here is his guest post all about his favorite victories over RU.

Hello, good evening, and welcome!

I am the Director of Marching Percussion at JMU, and I’m currently in my 20th year of teaching for the Marching Royal Dukes. I’ve been to many JMU VS Richmond football games, and have seen quite a few in the old City stadium in Richmond. Now that they play in that little sandbox they have on campus, the band is no longer allowed to attend.

Three of my favorite moments of JMU beating Richmond happened in that stadium all at the same game. October 11, 2008. (Credit given to all videos)

The Jump Pass

Rodney Landers jump pass to Mike Caussin was special. Still early in the game, and for as long as I have watched football, I’ve never seen this executed so well.

I happened to be standing on the other side of the field (from this video), so I got to watch this close up.

It was pretty amazing!

The Comeback

Both teams were ranked very high (JMU #1, and UR #5), played well, and it took a little bit of JMU magic and ball control from Field Marshall Landers to get us back into a tie at the end.

Don’t kick it to Scotty!

And the number one play on ESPN the next day. The return. All they had to do was kick it away from him. But no, right down the middle. Right to him. (Warning: Lots of yelling on the first clip)

I was back in the end zone with the band when it happened. We saw the whole play come right to us.

Yes, we love beating Richmond, our biggest rival (in my opinion), and I’m happy to have seen it happen many times! Congratulations to the Dukes for the 48-6 butt whooping we they handed to Richmond last Saturday. Now on to Rhode Island!

Thank you to the JMU Sports Blog for allowing me to share a few memories. See you at the playoffs.

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  1. Rob K / Nov 21 2019

    So great! I’m afraid to submit scores because I cannot compete with these guest posts. Rodney Landers was a man among boys. That Scotty return is an all-time top 5 JMU play.

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