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Guest Post: Fond JMU Football Memories

Chuck won last week’s prediction contest for JMU’s victory over UNI. Here’s his guest post about some of his favorite JMU football memories.

For my prognostication versus UNI I’d like to thank two of my all-time favorite JMU football players, Scotty McGee and Jimmy F’n Moreland, for wearing the #19 and #6 jerseys. Knowing the game would be a low scoring affair, I opted to use their numbers for my prediction. In hindsight I guess I should’ve used Bryan Schor and Jim Otto’s jersey numbers. Yes, I know Jim Otto did not play for JMU…and, yes, I know JFM originally wore #37.  

While always a fan since graduating in the late 80’s, my heavy rootin’ didn’t start until 2005 – the 2004 Natty was a reawakening of sorts and I joined the Duke Club while also purchasing season tickets. I’m a huge fan of college football and this was a means to fulfill my appetite while supporting JMU athletics. Also it was a means to expose our two boys (at the time 7 and 4 years old) to the college atmosphere and JMU in particular. Below pic is circa 2007, pre-BFS expansion. While they both still follow JMU football they opted to attend schools with stadiums that 3 or 4 BFSs could fit in.

I think all would agree that “pre-gaming” has become as integral a part of the game day experience as the game itself – lubing up the vocal chords with cold beverages, catching up with JMU friends from the past and building new friendships. Our JMU tailgating ventures started in the parking deck – while it was an optimal location for sneaking beers in at halftime during the Montana playoff game (not that I would condone that behavior), it was not ideal for tailgating and a PITA to leave post-game. So a few years back we landed in lot C4 and couldn’t be happier – easy to get in and out, a lively crowd (though it does dwindle as the temperature drops) and an easy walk to the stadium. The irony is not lost on me that C4 is located on the grounds of our 1987 Senior Pig Roast, an event that will live in infamy as the first and only time I’ve been toppled over whilst in a Don’s John. Good times they were…

On any given Saturday we team up with good friends, Janice and John Dec, to eat, drink and laugh. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Janice’s tailgate skills are top-notch and an A+ on the tailgating grading scale. You can quickly determine if she has skipped a game as it turns into a BOC (Bucket O’ Chicken) tailgate. I know I speak on Janice and John’s behalf when I say that all of JMU Nation is welcome to join us in C4 for some pre-gaming. 

Some Fond Football Memories and/or Things I Miss (only includes since 2005 since I can’t remember anything from the 80’s):

  • App State game 2008 – still the most exciting game I’ve ever attended, JMU or otherwise.
  • The Jester in the student’s section circa 2007-09 – dude could pump up the student section and his outfit was on point.
  • U of R game in Richmond’s old stadium 2008 – aka “The Return”. A U of R friend told me he had never heard such an eruption of noise in his life when Scotty returned that punt. 
  • Obese, shirt-less bearded dude.
  • Any game Rodney Landers played in – dude was a human highlight reel.
  • Sam Houston is not a State game – just utter dominance and quieted their annoying fan base. It was cold, it was dark, it was beautiful. 
  • Natty vs. YSU – provided scientific proof that there is a level of cold that will turn Founders Oatmeal Breakfast Stout into slush. Still yummy though…
  • Natty vs. NDSU – despite the outcome, still a fun game…and the weather was significantly improved from the previous year.

As we are on the cusp of another trip to Texas, I’d like to leave with these parting comments:

  • If not already a member, join the Duke Club and attend football games (and other JMU sporting events, for that matter). From my own experience I can tell you it is a great way to keep engaged with your friends from college and make new ones. 
  • Please STOP complaining about the refs on social media. While we all know they are not elite officiating crews, I suspect they miss as many calls against us as they do against our opponents. Yes, booing during the game when they miss a call is standard protocol – but the incessant whining about the officiating on social media makes us look like, well, whiners.
  • When attending a football game please cheer, stand, stomp your feet and root hard – obviously this only applies when we are on defense. If someone complains about your behavior remind them that they are at a football game and that most churches have Saturday services if they’d like something more subdued. 
  • Weber is NOT a state!! (that is for John Dec)

See everyone at the game this Saturday – hope it is less of a nail-biter than the last time we played Weber. Dukes – 26, Cats – 12. 



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  1. Zac / Dec 19 2019

    Got a good laugh about the Saturday evening services comment. My buddy was once told he was being too loud at a football game. Without missing a beat he responded that “This is not a f***ing library. If you want quiet then head over to Carrier”.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Glad you’re on board the Dukes train CHOO CHOO!

  2. wexcelsior / Dec 19 2019

    What are you, a ref?

    I kid, good post, go Dukes.

  3. The Fly / Dec 19 2019

    Crushed it!

  4. Rob K / Dec 19 2019

    Great post!

  5. John Dec / Dec 19 2019

    Tell me more about the porta-john incident! Awesome job Chuck! Highly support Chuck’s recommendations.

    And yes Weber isn’t a state, it’s a grill!

  6. Jeff Smith / Dec 19 2019

    Great post! Made me laugh and great memories! Go Dukes!

  7. Dr. You / Dec 20 2019

    The 1987 senior pig roast! I was there… don’t recall any porta-johns getting tipped, but then again, I don’t remember much from that day. Great post Chuck – glad to say I share at least a couple of those memories.

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