Apr 8 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Quarantine Season With Jamie Mottram from BreakingT

We hope you’re all safe and sound wherever you are. During this time of COVID-19, we’re spreading our wings a bit and trying to dive into other interesting non-sports topics on the pod. Our goal is to bring you some fun conversations with JMU folks doing interesting things, running businesses, or standing out in some other way. We thought there was no better guest to kick things off with than our friend and fellow JMU alum Jamie Mottram.

In this episode we talk to Jamie about his career in online sports media and his transition to become CEO of BreakingT, a company documenting history one t-shirt at a time. Jamie explains the BreakingT business model and how he and his colleagues have been able to capitalize on sports’ most memorable moments in real-time. It’s a neat look behind the curtain of a company that’s turning out some awesome merch. Give it a listen.

As always, thanks to our sponsors Pale Fire Brewing and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Stop by the brewery for a beer and let them know JMUSB sent you and you’ll go home with a free pint glass. And swing over to the fly shop, tell them JMUSB sent you and they’ll hook you up with some cool stickers. Support small businesses folks!

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