Feb 18 / Rob

An Idea to Help Some Folks

We’d like to try something a little different this football season. In the decade-plus we’ve been doing the blog, we’ve been amazed by the passion of the JMU fanbase. We thought we’d try to harness that same sort of enthusiasm that folks have for the Dukes, in an attempt to do some good.

So here’s our idea. Every week of football season, we’ll choose a food bank or some sort of charity that provides meals for the needy and ask fans to donate a small amount. We’ll choose the charity and set up the donation form online. We’re not looking for folks to break the bank and the default baseline donation will be set to $5, but anyone is welcome to give more. Our hope is that Dukes fans rally and we end up making a real difference for folks in need. Things might change as the season goes on, but this is the jumping off point.

This week in honor of JMU’s opponent, Morehead State, we’ll be donating to Feeding America Kentucky’s Heartland. You can click here or text “ROOTIN” to 707070 to get started.

With the weird home and home format, we think it’s going to give us a chance to cover charities both in the opponents’ regions and in the Valley. We know it’s a tough time for many people and not everyone has extra cash laying around. But if you do, we’d love it if you could pitch in a few bucks. Let’s help out others and let the college football world know how generous JMU fans are.

Go Dukes!

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