Sep 27 / Todd

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

So this weekend’s trip to the ‘Burg had a little bit of everything, both on and off the field as I was fortunate enough to play hack in the annual JBClassic at the one and only Lakeview Golf Club prior to attending the big game with Liberty.  It’s also taken until Monday night to do a recap because I’ve been forced to seriously come to terms with my own mortality and lack of tolerance throughout BOTH yesterday and today.

Good crowd for an atrocious game!

 Blondie (The Good)

Catching up with old friends, P-Lot Parking (thanks Coach L!!!!), DJ Bryant going insane and taking over the game along with the JMU Defense in the second half, getting Dixon Wright back, the unexpected and outstanding fireworks show at game’s end, Liberty fan turnout (great showing from the Flames and a good-natured day all around), Stephon Robertson, having Scott Noble back, Field Hockey now on a three-game winning streak, the incredible turnaround and by all accounts reasonable enforcement of tailgate policies, Mr. J’s Texan on Wheat (good to know the best things never change!), Jack Brown’s (solid new dive bar across from Dave’s), and Dukes student turnout (including mostly staying for the whole game).

Lastly, huge thanks to Jimmy Bonnell, founder and orchestrator of the fantastic golf outing.  Thanks for getting everyone together and raising money for the Madison Business Scholarship Fund!

Angel Eyes The Bad – Offensive football, literally, both offenses were just plain offensive.  On one hand, you had the Dukes who appeared unstoppable running up the middle yet continually tried to run side-to-side plays out of Wildcat and spray the ball around the field as if trying to prove once and for all that MM has changed his ways.  It was like Andy Reid with a late lead for the whole game.  On the other hand, you had Rocco and the Flames coaching staff, who could’ve called quick passes to monster receiver Chris Summers and their solid TE all night, yet continually tried to slam slow running backs straight into a JMU DLine that clearly overmatched them.

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez The Ugly – My golf game (Thanks Brad, Kevin, and Coach Priz for keeping us afloat), Liberty Superstar QB Mike Brown’s Bill Laimbeer impression (the constant flopping and whining to officials is just shameful from a player of his caliber), missing the opening kickoff (have to fess up to this huge fan faux pas; tailgate’s never worth that), lack of chances for the fight song, and last but most certainly not least, the latenight performance of the incomparable Landeta was the stuff of legend!

Delaware week!! #3 Dukes v. #5 BlueHens for Parents Weekend.



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  1. Sam / Sep 28 2010

    Simply put, our defense was amazing. These guys remind me of Kiffin’s Tampa Bay Bucs Bend but Don’t Break brand of defense. Of course as Steelers fan I love defense, and sitting 3 rows behind the defensive bench, where the players can really hear my kudos helps too. To me the real defensive stars were Vidal Nelson and Tavieon Cuffee. Nelson was everywhere on the field, espeicially making solo tackles on a couple weak side reverses, and Polamalu-esque knack for getting into the backfield as a Safety! Keep up the good work guys. We got a tough one coming up!

  2. Coach Priz / Sep 28 2010

    Our defense was incredible and my guess is we will need them to carry us in another game this year. However, I am disappointed there was no mention of the ‘James Madison’ siting in the second quarter.

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