Sep 13 / Rob

The Real Duke Dog is Coming Back

Bad Duke Dog.

JMU not only unveiled a new and improved Bridgeforth Stadium on Saturday night, they also unveiled a new Duke Dog costume. The stadium received rave reviews all around. The new Duke Dog on the other hand, um, not so much. Everyone hated it. And with good reason. There was nothing wrong with the old Duke Dog. The new one didn’t even look like a dog. It looked like the bastard child of Teddy Ruxpin and one of the sluttier Care Bears. JMU athletics got the message and is bringing the real Duke Dog back.

Because it is 2011, Facebook played a huge role in this. Duke Dog fans utilized it to collect signatures for a petition. In turn, the news that the old Duke Dog was returning was delivered via a post to “Fellow Members of the JMU Nation” (Ed. note:  let’s kill that term while we’re in a changing mood) on the JMU Dukes Facebook page.

Good Duke Dog.

Thankfully, the new Duke Dog will probably be nothing more than JMU athletic’s own little “new Coke” moment. W&M and George Mason already have the CAA market cornered on pathetic mascots. There’s really no need to infringe on their territory. Plus, the old Duke Dog was great. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. With this little mishap behind us, JMU can now focus its attention on things that really need fixing. You know, like the Dukes’ passing game.




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  1. Matt / Sep 13 2011

    To be honest, I saw DD but didn’t notice a difference.

    Mental note to self: a couple fewer bourbon and cokes at the tailgate might not be a bad idea.

  2. Matt / Sep 13 2011

    By the way, Kenny Brooks was at JMU the same time I was. He wouldn’t remember me, but we met a few times and he’s a great dude. I couldn’t be more happy for him.

    The other two I wouldn’t recognize if they walked up and kicked me.

  3. hanky / Sep 14 2011

    “It looked like the bastard child of Teddy Ruxpin and one of the sluttier Care Bears.”

    On the money. My daughter said “He’s creepy”. That covered it pretty well too.

  4. 2004 Duke / Sep 14 2011

    “It looked like the bastard child of Teddy Ruxpin and one of the sluttier Care Bears. ”

    ROTFL. Classic.

  5. Tyler / Sep 14 2011

    Congrats on making the WAPO Sports Bog. You guys do a fantastic job of providing commentary on the comings and goings of JMU sports, especially football.

  6. Rob / Sep 14 2011

    That’s really nice of you to say Tyler. Thanks.

    Todd and I have both been blown away by the quality and enthusiasm we’ve seen on display in the comments section lately, so we really should be congratulating you and the rest of the commenters. You guys are the ones making the blog what we’ve always wanted it to be…a fun place to engage about the Dukes.

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