Feb 9 / Todd

Wells’ poor shot selection spreading

Apparently, Julius Wells’ inability to distinguish good shots from bad is rubbing off, even getting to the walk-ons that never play or dress (for the record, I had no idea this kid was on the squad, not that he’s going to be around much longer).

From The Smoking GunJMU guard charged with Felony for throwing snowballs at cops.  If you’re into silver linings though, at least the Dukes a) have rated a Smoking Gun story, b) we’re closer to Rockheed dressing for the CAA Tourney, and c) hey, he was the first outside shooter to get hot since Semenov went down.

When reached for comment in the immediate aftermath, SportsBlog Senior Lifestyle Correspondent Uncle Ron said, “I don’t know what I like better, Charles Gill’s strangely coy mug shot expression or his Dukes-centric tie dyed shirt.  And who is Ryan Knight? Is he like the poor man’s Ben Louis?”


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  1. priz / Feb 11 2010

    The real travesty here is it appears that ‘Shooter’ Gill lives in Squire Hole. Lefty would have never let basketball players associate with the types that lived in Squire Hole.

  2. johon52 / May 19 2011

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