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The Ultimate Cure for What Ails JMU Fans!

Well, it’s come to this.  We can only grind our gears on the Brady situation for so long, so now we’re just going to give you a few items to be excited about that thankfully do not have anything to do with men’s hoops.

First, the women’s tourney is up here near DC this weekend at the ShowPlace Arena in Upper Marlboro.  The only question remaining to be answered in this CAA season is can anyone of the contenders (with the Dukes qualifying as the #1 contender) knock off all-world Elena DellaDonne and Delaware.  The Blue Hens are ranked in the top ten nationally so the best thing in the world for the CAA is actually for JMU to win the tourney and earn #2bids4CAA like the men have a shot to do.  JMU plays it’s first game Friday at 5 p.m. against the winner of tomorrow’s 7/10 matchup.  (What a novel concept, a top four seed and a bye for JMU basketball team!)  Also, Nikki Newman won the CAA Defensive Player of the Year award tonight!

Speaking of #2bids4CAA, let’s all put our general Philly hatred aside and pull hard for Drexel’s name to show up in an NCAA bracket as opposed to an NIT come Sunday night.

Lastly, since even the Diamond Dukes are in a slump right now, we’ll go back to the DEEP well that is the 2012 football expectations.  Spring practice starts in two weeks and tickets to JMU/WVU @ FedEx are on sale now!


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  1. 2004 Duke / Mar 9 2012

    Why is the JMU/WVU game at FedEx Field? I don’t get it. I used to live in the hell-hole we call “NOVA”, and I don’t recall an abundance of WVU alumni in that area. I know for a fact that JMU fans aren’t going to fill that stadium up. It just seems odd to play WVU at FedEx, or that WVU would agree to come to FedEx. Paying Notre Dame at FedEx or something would make more sense to me.

  2. Jason K. / Mar 9 2012

    There is a fan base here for both teams, plus both the schools are fairly close. Plus, its all about the money.

  3. Rob / Mar 9 2012

    Exactly right Jason. The Mountaineers got a big guarantee for playing the game at FedEx and it gives them a chance to try to capture some new fans in the DMV market. Right now there are plenty of VA Tech fans and a lot more Penn Staters than folks realize. WVU could probably catapult Maryland though if they play their cards right. And by “play their cards right” I mean if Randy Edsall stays at Maryland.

  4. sunchase / Mar 13 2012

    as a jmu student and lifelong wvu fan, it goes like this. ever since oliver luck became AD in morgantown, he’s been pushing recruiting the nova/dc/maryland area. so the jmu game at fedex accomplishes this goal, as does playing the terps. its a win-win for everyone because this rewards jmu grads all over Nova as well as accomplishes luck’s recruiting aims.

    oh yeah, and everyone gets paid. there’s that too.

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