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Friday Ramblings: WNIT, the Slumbelt, and the Final Four

Leading off, let’s give it up for Kenny Brooks and the ladies. Coach Brooks and the Dukes are headed to Stillwater (Oklahoma, not this one) to play Oklahoma State for the Women’s NIT Championship this Sunday. To advance to the finals the Dukes defeated Davidson, South Florida, UVA, and Syracuse. If you’re scoring at home that means they’ve racked up more postseason wins in the past 2 weeks than the men have in the past 3 years. And they’ve been winning over more and more fans each game. Over 4,000 fans packed the Convo for Wednesday night’s semifinal win. They got snubbed by the selection committee, but rather than pout they’ve gone out and taken care of business in the WNIT. So regardless of whether you’re a big fan of the women’s game or not, show a little love for this Dukes squad. Coach Brooks has built a program we can all be proud of.

Spring Football You Say?

That’s right. Mickey and the Dukes are in the midst of Spring practice. Thank God. Much like in every non-Landers or non-Rascati year, the focus will be squarely on the QB play this Spring. Justin Thorpe is firmly sitting in the QB 1 slot. However, due to last year’s suspension and past injuries, he’s never really had a consistent stretch of practice reps (let alone games) as the starter. Mickey is looking to change that and hoping Thorpe can make strides as a passer.

More Rumors Of CAA Defection

The internet was buzzing this week with talk of Mason and VCU skipping town for the A10. Now there are reports that another CAA team could be on the way out. Apparently, Georgia State has seen the writing on the wall and the powers that be realize they’re not up to par with the rest of the CAA Football. Therefore they’re going to drop down a level to the Sun Belt. (ed. note – It turns out the Sun Belt is not actually a level down from FCS. It’s a FBS conference. Seriously. I looked it up and everything.) Take it easy Panther fans. We kid because we love we don’t care at all about your football program.

Weren’t the Diamond Dukes Were Supposed To Be Good?

If this year’s JMU Baseball season has taught us anything, it’s that you should never put too much faith in preseason polls for sports you know nothing about. I love baseball. Love it. I just don’t know much about the college game. So when the preseason polls say the Dukes are expected to successfully defend last year’s CAA Championship, I believe them. The Dukes are 6-18-1 (1-8 CAA) and stuck in dead last. Alas, it appears the poll voters were idiots. Or the Dukes are just under-performing. I’m blaming the voters.

Scary Details Emerge About the Alleged Fight

The Breeze published this account of the alleged incident that led to Jace Edwards’ suspension. There are two sides to every story and now we have one. As a former fraternity guy myself, I can see how something like this would happen. It doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t make anyone involved proud, but sometimes bad things happen. I really wish they didn’t though.

One Bitter Fan’s Opinion On the Final Four

I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s a shame when fans’ frustration with their own team’s shortcomings prevents them from appreciating the joy of watching other great teams compete. The people can get bent. JMU hasn’t made the tourney in 18 years and nobody is holding their breath for a return anytime soon. But I love college hoops and I’m obviously not going to miss the Final Four, so I might as well pull for some team. Like most people in the free world, I’d never really developed any opinions whatsoever on anything related to the state of Kansas. It was just there. Of course I can’t even accurately tell you where there is other than “in the Midwest.” I mean, honestly who cares where Kansas is? Yet this weekend, I’m a Kansas fan by default. Nobody outside of Kentucky could possibly root for a Calipari or Pitino coached team. That’s just a fact. And rooting for Ohio State, or The Ohio State University as the world’s most annoying fanbase prefers to say, is not an option for any self-respecting human being. So Rock Chalk Jayhawk and all that.

One Last Thing Completely And Totally Unrelated to JMU

It’s the text of Springsteen’s keynote from SXSW. And while we’re at it, here is one of my all time favorite videos of Bruce and Arcade Fire.



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  1. Sean / Mar 30 2012

    Will you be at te Bruce concert? Look for the youngest guy in the crowd, that will probably be me

  2. Coach Priz / Mar 30 2012

    The story about the fight is tough to read. I feel bad for the people who were attacked. I think whoever did this should face criminal charges regardless of what JMU’s Judicial Affairs does. I also hope that there weren’t athletes involved. I would find it very hard to cheer for them.

  3. Rob / Mar 30 2012

    I will not be at the Bruce concert Sean, but I’ve seen him before. He puts on a great show.

    Priz, I agree completely with your thoughts on the fight. I’m trying to refrain from accusing anyone or assessing blame until all the facts come out. If things actually went down like in the manner that the article described, then I don’t want any of those kids on JMU’s football team or even enrolled at JMU. Maybe there is more to the story though.

  4. 2004 Duke / Apr 1 2012

    “We visited with a lot of people over the winter break, people who run a similar type (spread) offense,” Matthews said. “We’re experimenting with some things this spring.”

    …I sincerely hope they are experimenting with the forward pass.

  5. 2004 Duke / Apr 1 2012

    I’m glad to hear Lambda Chi’s side of the fight story. Does anyone know the other side yet? If that’s really what went down, they should all be expelled.

  6. Rob / Apr 1 2012

    These are the most details I’ve heard about the fight. It’s only one side, but if the account is accurate, then I agree with you.

  7. Houston Stutz / Apr 11 2012

    The Diamond Dukes were supposed to be good, but losing Johnny Bladel, a Pre-Season All-CAA pick, really hurt them. He did return from his suspension, though, this weekend and they picked up their first CAA series win of the year. However, it was against a weak Northeastern team. If any one wants another blog to read and check up on the Dukes from a students perspective, as well as sports in New York and Philadelphia check out my new blog here :

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