Dec 11 / Rob

Happy 3rd Birthday to Us

Three years ago today we published our very first JMUSB post. I guess that means that today is our blogiversary or birthday or whatever we’re supposed to call it. We’re not pointing this out as some cheap ploy to encourage you to leave comments telling us how great we are (although by all means go ahead and do that). We thought it was worth mentioning because 1.) we never thought the blog would survive this long and 2.) we wanted to sincerely thank each of you for reading.

Since we started this blog three years ago, we like to think that things have gotten if not much better, then at least progressively less terrible. And over the past year, we feel like we’ve grown a little more comfortable in our own skin and have carved out a nice little (and we mean little) spot for JMUSB in the world of online sports. And that is largely due to each of you who read, comment, or share the link with friends. Because without a doubt, the most exciting thing that has happened to the blog over the past year has been the huge uptick in comments. And not just any comments, but insightful, funny, and engaged comments. It’s not exaggeration to say that often the comments have become more interesting and thought provoking that the posts they go with.

While we appreciate the accomplishments of each and every student who puts on the purple and gold and plays for JMU, we’re primarily focused on football and men’s hoops. And both programs have been mediocre (or worse) since last December. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have plenty of personal highlights surrounding JMUSB. First and foremost, it was exciting for us to venture outside of the world of sports and get such a terrific response to our Q&A With Matt Bondurant, the JMU who’s book was the basis for the movie Lawless, and our little tongue in cheek advice column for the class of 2012. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all of the great guest posts, which put the spotlight on some of our very talented readers for a while.

We could go on and on (trust us), but we’ll cut it short and just say thank you again for reading. We appreciate it and look forward to the day we actually get to blog about the Dukes return to March Madness or run to a FCS Championship…or maybe a bowl game.


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  1. Todd / Dec 11 2012

    Congrats, guys. You’ve become one of my daily go-tos. It’s great to have another view on the world of JMU sports. Thanks!

  2. 2004Duke / Dec 11 2012

    Thanks for everything guys! You do a great job, and I check the blog every morning right after I finish going through e-mail and reading the news headlines. Hopefully the basketball program will turn it around soon, and you guys will be going gangbusters all year instead of just football season.

    Congrats on 3 years!

  3. Zac / Dec 11 2012

    Love this Blog, you guys are the coolest, do more bus trips, love, Zac.

  4. Sean / Dec 11 2012

    So you’re the jinx that led to my years at JMU being full of mediocre sports! Dammit guys!

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