May 2 / Rob

JMU Is Home to Some Smart Sexy Students

There is a virtually limitless supply of quality writing with plenty of thought provoking insight and intriguing analysis online today. There is also Buzzfeed. And after digesting the latest tidbit from The Economist or The Atlantic sometimes vegging out and clicking through a stupid list of “World’s Most Totally Extreme Food Trucks That You Absolutely Need To Visit Before You Die” hits the spot (and by sometimes I mean every single day). This week our fine friends over at Buzzfeed put together a matrix of the “Smartest, Sexiest Colleges in the Country”. Sabermetrics it is not. Whomever created the analytic methodology is not going to be confused for Nate Silver (I mean, sample size!). But JMU comes out in the top quadrant and it’s the offseason, so let’s go with it.


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  1. 2004 Duke / May 3 2013

    Academically, it looks pretty close. On the sexy side, there is no chance in hell that dog pens like Brown, Boston University and Fordham are above JMU.


  2. word / May 3 2013

    There is no way that Arizona State is one of the least sexy universities.

  3. Rob / May 4 2013

    Good point word. It almost makes you question the validity of the rigorous analysis that I’m sure went into this important study.

  4. Deacon Danny / May 6 2013

    And UVA on the same “Sexiness” level with JMU; PLEASE!

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