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Gameday Open Thread: JMU vs. Towson

JMU-Rhode Island FTBHere we are. It’s the final football game of the 2013 season for the JMU Dukes. We can look back on the highs and lows some other time. For now, let’s focus on beating Towson and keep rootin. The game will be televised from coast to coast on NBC Sports Network. Consider this your open thread for all of the pre-game, in-game, and post-game chatter. And if you want to throw in some hoops talk while the Dukes take on Valpo, that’s alright too. Enjoy the games today folks and root fer Dukes!


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  1. bulldogg / Nov 23 2013

    Not just “coast to coast.” I live in Hawaii and I will be watching. GO DUKES!!

  2. Rob / Nov 23 2013

    Good stuff bulldogg. Glad it is truly a national broadcast.

    Costly penalty that last Towson drive. With all of the pressure Towson’s D seems to be putting on the receivers near the line of scrimmage, I’d like to see the Dukes go over the top a few times to open things back up.

  3. JMU1987UVA1998 / Nov 23 2013

    Way to accept the penalty on 3rd down that would have forced Towson to point. Towson TD attributed to head coach or staff stupidity.

  4. 757DukeDawg / Nov 23 2013

    Stick a fork in Mickey Matthews.

  5. JMU1987UVA1998 / Nov 23 2013

    Time for a new coach with some new energy. 2004 is a long time. All the capital is gone.

  6. Rob / Nov 23 2013

    The fact that this game was nationally televised and we have only a handful of comments might be indicative that fans are losing interest in this mediocre program. JMU needs some big changes or else there will be plenty of empty seats in Bridgeforth next year.

  7. Kb / Nov 23 2013

    There are already plenty of empty seats. This change should have occurred last November.

  8. dopey / Nov 23 2013

    Attention MM & staff … Birdsong cannot win games all by himself.

  9. SteveW / Nov 23 2013

    Just wondering why JMU has a sports “information” department when they don’t actually give useful information. Here’s one – why aren’t Seminov and Curry actually starting could be helpful in their lead story about the upcoming game. Or in the post game story, instead of the DUH information that they didn’t start, perhaps you could actually state why? Look, I don’t live in Harrisonburg and read your daily paper assholes. How about something useful? Throw me a damn bone.

  10. 5thyearDuke / Nov 23 2013

    @SteveW…press releases and post game stories aren’t designed to reveal every single facet or detail as to why two players didn’t start. Have you considered the fact that some information is private to players and their families? If you really think that JMU sports info is going to release every single detail, there won’t be anything left to write about. A post-game story is just that….a post-game story, not a let’s have a tell-all party as to why they’re not playing.

  11. Ken / Nov 24 2013


    I would’ve been tuned in on radio, but was driving my school’s girl’s basketball team to an out of town scrimmage — left before game time and got home at midnight.

    today’s loss appears to be a microcosm of the season — while the stats in most categories were even or even in the dukes’ favor the penalty yardage and the timing/type of penalty just hammered them.

    reviewing the play by play, one thing jumped out at me. i get going on 4th and 9 in the 2nd quarter from the towson 38 (56 yard fg attempt — not realistic) but why kick a field goal from the towson 4 down two scores? they’re still down 2 scores after the fg and the subsequent touchback gave up over 20 yards of field position to towson. just wondering out loud.

    disappointing day in two states for two sports. a little surprised the dukes got pasted like they did @ valpo. wonder if a fully healthy semonov for any extended period of time is just a pipe dream.

  12. Ken / Nov 24 2013

    caa might very possibly be a 2-bid league to the playoffs — the talk was maybe as many as 4 just 2 weeks ago.

    delaware spits up a 22-point, 4th quarter lead against villanova

    bill/mary gives up 31 points in 3 quarters….after giving up 32 in the 4 games prior to playing the spiders.

    jmu takes care of stony brook and wins today, they are 8-4 and a playoff team; then again, if a frog had wings….

    new hampshire’s win over maine probably gets them in the field of 24.

  13. Cory / Nov 24 2013

    Went to this game with a fellow blog reader. We both agree difference in this game was a couple of birdsong blunders but mostly some really poor penalty calls against us at the worst possible times.

  14. White Hall / Nov 24 2013

    At least we didn’t have 80 dropped on us by UNC (in football not basketball). That put a smile on my face.

    And give Brady’s boys a break, when you have the second youngest team in D1, we will have bad road games now and then.

  15. dopey / Nov 24 2013

    We’re # 67 ! 🙁

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