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TMZ Tuesday

So consider this the first in what will be a very intermittent series here at JMUSB we’re calling TMZ Tuesday. After all, we’ve got eyeballs and interest this week with the gridiron Dukes rolling so why not shamelessly roll back out the theme that’s given us our biggest posts ever? Remember this?


Former Dukes Soccer Star Karly Skladany marries that other guy (Chris Kirkpatrick) from N'Sync w/ JT in the wedding party!

Former Dukes Soccer Star Karly Skladany marries that other guy (Chris Kirkpatrick) from N’Sync w/ JT in the wedding party!

Or this?



Of course you do! So in that spirit, how about these two new entries.

First, we have legendary Dukes alum Arthur Don’t Cross the Moats, now contributing heavily for the Pittsburgh Steelers, mugging with The Biebs! Somehow this took place at Steelers Bible Study last week.

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And second, something I’ve been meaning to touch on for awhile that I still kind of can’t believe and is just cool. As some of you may know, former JMU TE Mike Caussin has quietly kept his NFL dream alive the last few years after stints on various practice squads and by enduring injuries. This year he’s actually on IR with the Redskins after getting hurt in the preseason. But did you know he’s dating budding country starlet Jana Kramer?! Yes, that Jana Kramer, the one who made the hit song “Why You Wanna?,” a song that made no sense because no guy would leave her. We tend to give her huge points because Mike, simply being a Duke, is obviously a huge upgrade over Ms. Kramer’s according-to-Wikipedia ex-boyfriend Brantley Gilbert!

Dating Up! (Kramer Dating up with a Duke that is)

Dating Up! (Kramer Dating up with a Duke that is)

Now back to your regularly scheduled Poormond Ticks Week! Speaking of, consider this a test balloon for the first-ever North Carolina Triad Area (not Triangle Area) JMU Watch Party this Saturday. JMUSB’s southern half (that’s me) has already set things up with Greensboro’s finest (i.e. trashiest) dive bar – the infamous Suds n’ Duds laundromat bar – for sound and the bigscreen in the ping-pong/living room area. Some type of food ranging from possibly Crock Pot Chili Fritos to delivery pizza and your first shot after a Dukes TD will be sponsored by JMUSB and we’ll give away whatever random purple and gold swag we grabbed up during Homecoming’s fiasco!


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  1. Chris Lawyer / Nov 11 2014

    Hey I am in GSO and unfortunately will be working Saturday but as a huge Dukes Fan and season ticket holder love the idea. I hope we can get the Triad Dukes Chapter rolling!!

  2. Drake / Nov 11 2014

    I’m confused at how the Dukes didn’t make it into the Coaches’ Poll. I think they actually lost votes, but W&M moved up? Just proves that there’s no way possible coaches can actually watch the other games and create a accurate poll.

  3. Drake / Nov 11 2014

    Also, here’s a pretty nice website with playoff projections and predictions. I only say it’s nice because they have JMU as an at-large bid playing Liberty in H’burg. If you are like me and hate LU or all things Falwell, this would be a great set up.

  4. Deacon Danny / Nov 11 2014

    The only thing I don’t like about a possible JMU/LU 1st round match-up (should we be fortunate enough to earn a spot – don’t want to get ahead of ourselves) is that since both teams submit bids to host, I think it is very likely that LU will outbid JMU. For this reason, I think that is a nightmare 1st round matchup for Bourne due to the previous fiasco where we were outbid by Eky. LU has all kinds of money and I don’t see them letting the opportunity to host a 1st round game slip by.

  5. Nowell 81 / Nov 11 2014

    I’m not going to start talking about the playoffs just yet. I’m very confident we will make it, but we have two more regular season games and need to win them to leave no questions in the selection committees mind.

    On another note, I live in Pittsburgh and a few local JMU Alumni will be getting together this Saturday to watch the game! We will be at Lattitude 40 in Robinson Township. We will have a JMU sign and will be wearing our purple and gold. If you are lucky, you might get to meet a few former JMU football players as they will be watching the game as well.,-80.181291&z=14&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&cid=9410468719224811897

  6. Sean / Nov 11 2014

    Love the Triad call out and the explanation of the difference between Triad and the Triangle haha. Hope all is well down there.

  7. Shady_P / Nov 11 2014

    I agree with Drake – F**K Falwell U and anything remotely related to Liberty.

    If JMU (Bourne/King) screw the pooch again on hosting a first round playoff game when JMU makes it —- someone should lose their job period, end of story.

  8. Drake / Nov 11 2014

    The sports talk guys down here in ATL have said as fans, we can talk about playoffs and look ahead. That’s the fun part about being a fan. It’s the players who can’t think about it or look ahead on the schedule.

  9. Frank / Nov 12 2014

    Love the shout out to Suds & Duds.

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