Jan 9 / Rob

Someone Thought Tweeting This Was A Good Idea


Ah, the old “sarcastic tweet at the local beat reporter who used to cover your husband’s football team on the way out of town” move. Always a nice touch and a sure fire way to leave a good impression.


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  1. Andrew / Jan 9 2016

    She deleted the tweet since, but she also mocked how some guy looked when he replied to Matt to tell him he actually does do a good job. Stay classy Withers family

  2. The Fly / Jan 9 2016

    Kara’s evidently being mentored by Miko Grimes in the Graceful Sports Wives Club.

  3. Bhagavan / Jan 9 2016

    Maybe they are glad to be getting away from a negative fan base as is exhibited on this blog, and a crummy little town that smells like chicken crap and dog food. Just let it all go. Mud slinging doesn’t help anybody.

  4. Andrew / Jan 9 2016

    Found the Tech alum^

  5. Bhagavan / Jan 9 2016

    Anyone who denies that Harrisonburg is a crappy little town came from somewhere far crappier, never attended school there and therefore is unqualified to speak, or still lives there which is indeed their misfortune.

  6. Rob / Jan 9 2016

    Alright then. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  7. Ken / Jan 10 2016

    @Bhagavan: dude, I thought I was the cranky one here…go find your happy place, please.

  8. Hammy / Jan 10 2016

    Hope Withers enjoys Texas State. Big powerhouse in that area!
    Vad Lee and team made Withers look good in spite of his lack of coaching skills.
    JMU football will be successful and we will be stronger as a result of this change.
    Everett who?

  9. Marc / Jan 10 2016

    She really is a piece of work. She used to over do it in the club and by the fourth quarter was up there bad mouthing the players! Good riddance!

  10. Marc / Jan 10 2016

    Someone posted a few weeks ago, if clapping was coaching, Withers would be the next Vince Lombardi!

  11. Mike in OHio / Jan 10 2016

    @Bhagavan. As someone who grew up in Harrisonburg I have to respond. I won’t take long as this is a site for commenting on JMU sports and not a place for debating the merits of places to live. I now live in Columbus, Ohio which would probably be considered more “cosmopolitan” than H’burg. Here’s what I did yesterday. I dropped my kid off at volleyball practice, went grocery shopping, picked him back up after practice, cleaned house, then he and I went to the Blue Jackets hockey game and then came home and watched the Bengals. My point…life is pretty much the same wherever one is. People work at jobs, raise families and try to leave life a little better at the end of the day than when it started. they do that in columbus, Harrisonburg, richmond, or wherever you live. Do I have a burning desire to move back to Harrisonburg? Not really but I also have no reason to denigrate it and always enjoy my time back there for the scenery, the campus and to see how it has changed over the years. It’s where I grew up, participated in high school sports and earned a partial athletic scholarship to go to JMU. JMU may not have been for you, if you actually went there, and maybe harrisonburg is not your kind of place. But maybe by trying to understand the people there and what life is like there, maybe you might have more understanding about it if not an appreciation for it. As for the JMU fan base, they are very patient and supportive in my view. One might get some negative comments on this site but isn’t a sports blog for venting one’s frustrations when things are not going so well? One never hears booing at JMU games like one does here at Ohio State games. People understand these are college kids playing games and react accordingly. Maybe the fan base is not as big as Tech’s or Penn State’s but for the size of the school and for how long we have really had a sports program, the support is pretty good. As for the ex-coach’s wife tweet….seems like maybe we got ahold of a coach and family that were really not an overall good match for the school or setting in the long run. makes me feel we are not losing much in terms of a coach or a person. Was not surprising to me at all that he left after a couple of years. Gives me an overall negative view of him but in the end, wish him no ill will but also not much success. And surprisingly, if you have played college sports of any kind, players adapt pretty well to coaching changes overall. Mostly, what choice do they have? So overall, quit bellyaching about JMU, Harrisonburg and whatever else. If you really dislike all of those things that much, why would you be reading or responding to the blog. Certainly your right of course, but if you really feel the way you wrote, your time would be better spent somewhere else.

  12. Bhagavan / Jan 10 2016

    You’re right. Uncalled for. I apologize.

  13. Herb / Jan 11 2016

    After living in Tidewater for 45 years, we moved to the ‘burg. Love it here and haven’t looked back. The tweet from Wither’s wife tells me a lot about them. They didn’t like Matt Jones because he asked questions that Wither’s couldn’t answer. Had no idea that she shared her husband’s class.

  14. Xerk / Jan 11 2016

    “Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions.”
    Mark 11:25

  15. Rob / Jan 11 2016

    No worries @Bhagavan No real need to apologize for a blog comment or two, but it says a lot about you that you did anyway. Cheers.

  16. Marc / Jan 13 2016

    Kudos to you @Bhagavan!

  17. Ken / Jan 15 2016

    @Bhagavan: well played, sir. Passion is good.

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