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Guest Post: Top 10 Things to be Thankful For With JMU Football

FullSizeRender-6Deacon Danny won the prediction contest for the Elon game. Due to the fact that nobody reads the blog on Thanksgiving, we delayed posting his guest post until today. Here’s his post about the Top 10 things to be thankful for with JMU football.

I appreciate the opportunity to submit this guest post. Early in the 3rd quarter of the Elon game I had pretty much written off my 63-10 guess, but then everything just started to click and the Dukes began scoring with the proficiency that we have seen more than once this season. After mulling over what to write about for a few days, I decided that, that in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would roll out a top 10 list of the things I am thankful for in the world of JMU football this year.

10 Minimized In-Game anxiety. While I like a good game, I appreciate that JMU was able to score on most of their opponents early and often and put games away without creating too much nail-biting excitement. As JMU progresses in the playoffs (AND WE WILL!), I know the games will get closer and this anxiety will build, but my nerves have mostly been left intact until now.

9 Bridgeforth Stadium. First-class facilities for an FCS team that JMU can be proud of. There are a lot of stadiums including BCS stadiums, (um… Chapel Hill) that are not nearly as nice. I am sure coming into such nice facilities can be intimidating for an opposing team; especially if we pack the stadium with fans! Check me on this JMU Sports Blog, but this may be New Hampshire’s first visit to the remodeled Bridgeforth Stadium. Let’s pack the stadium and make sure it is a trip they will remember!

8 JMU Sports Blog. Great source of information and I love the banter.  Enough said!

7 Tailgating with friends & Game Day Experience. Where is there a better place to tailgate with friends than the beautiful JMU campus! Arrive early for maximum Game Day experience.

6 Halftime Adjustment.  Yes, we do them now!

5 All CAA Selections. Wow! Offensive POTY, Special Teams POTY, COTY, 14 All-Team selections, including 10 on 1st Team. Great accolades but this is not the End Game! Let’s keep after it guys.

4 10-1, 8-0. This regular season record exceeded expectations of most; certainly mine. And it was not an easy path as we beat UNH, Maine, Villanova, and UR all on the road. Those four road games alone represent a significant challenge where we broke long home game winning streaks of 3 of these teams.  Plus you can tack on a couple of games where the team we played had a bye week leading up to their game with JMU and in the case of Villanova, it was their coaches last regular season home game before his retirement.

3 EW’s departure. I am thankful that EW left to make room for Coach Houston and a talented veteran coaching staff. This represented upgrades across the board on the coaching staff. These moves made #6 possible. And it would probably be rude if I did not congratulate EW on his first year at Texas State where he compile a record of 2-9, 0-7 and last place among All BCS schools in the Sagarin Power Ranking.  I would recommend that EW buy more ‘Juice’, and reinstitute #PartyInTheEndzone.

2 Depth of Player Personnel. This JMU team has so much talent, especially on the Offensive side of the ball. It has to be a nightmare to game plan for all the play makers, and different looks that JMU has showcased this year.

1 TEAM. This is a team that really seems to be focused on the whole and not on any individuals. I could be wrong but they play very unselfish despite having so many play makers. It will take nothing less than a TEAM mentality to win from here on out.

I am excited to get the playoffs started next Saturday at Bridgeforth Stadium. Stay focused guys and let’s take it one game at a time. I am sure the stands will be packed cheering you on! Go Dukes!


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  1. ShadyP / Nov 29 2016

    Solid job Deacon.

  2. smith / Nov 29 2016

    And a CAA trophy in a pear tree

  3. Chris / Nov 29 2016

    solid post. GO DUKES!

  4. 2004Duke / Nov 29 2016

    Your dig at Dithers (#3) was classic JMUSB-quality snark. Well played, sir.

  5. JMU2003DUKE / Nov 29 2016

    Awesome post deac!

  6. Drake / Nov 29 2016

    I’ve been back once a year since 2011 and I’ve got to say, the facilities are great. Walking through the concession/bathroom area on the home side makes me feel like I’m at a professional stadium. I would like to see/hear a radio broadcast in all bathrooms. One thing I noticed this year is that the Whiteout game, was actually a promotional success. The TV shots looked great and it seems the fans/students followed directions.

  7. JMU2015 / Nov 29 2016

    Great post! Go Dukes!!

  8. Truly Blessed / Nov 29 2016

    Nicely written! #3 was in bad taste man of God! Remember the talent Mike Houston has are EW’s recruits but I don’t remember displaying this particular demeanor when EW was around! I’ll pray for you…you pray for me Deacon, or is that your name????

  9. 97Duke / Nov 29 2016

    When are you guys going to dive into the dumpster fire that is Dukes basketball? The gridiron Dukes are awesome (and I’ll be there Saturday), but WTF is happening with the hardwood crew?! I went to the GMU game and they played better than their 0-4 record. Though 52 total fouls for both sides in 45 minutes of basketball is atrocious. Those refs should never do a game again. The Dukes are bad on their own, but that was some terrible officiating that I believe helped cost the Dukes the game.

  10. Rob / Nov 29 2016

    @97Duke The short answer is that we’re just swamped and with our limited time, we’ve focused on football. The long answer is that I forced myself to tune in for both games last week and was so frustrated that I’ve got nothing positive to say right now. Rowe was my favorite player back in school and he might eventually develop into a great coach. He’s not there yet though. It’s not a loaded roster, but it does have 2 All CAA preseason players and enough talent/experience to be better than 0-5. I am very encouraged by his recruiting though and think if he can get superior talent, it will carry things as he grows into a head coach.

  11. 2004Duke / Nov 30 2016

    There is an unwritten rule that any reference to that other sport that shall-not-be-named prior to the formal end of football season is forbidden.

  12. M@ / Nov 30 2016

    Good job. I especially like #1 because it seems to be all over the place. I witnessed the entire offense congratulating a lineman that had to go in for an injured player for a play. The defense brought a blitz at him and he picked it up perfectly. When he came off the field he was mobbed. Thee seniors and health on the line is a big reason for the success this season. And that doesn’t seem to be lost on the ‘skill’ players.

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