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A Former JMU Football Player Could Use Some Help

16584944_1481135867-0826JMUSB turned 8 last Sunday. Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. Eight years old. That means it’s time to learn our times tables. And what’s the best part about birthdays? Gifts of course. And we are going to be so bold as to actually ask you for gifts. But hear us out before you click close.

As we mentioned in last week’s JMU vs. SHSU preview, former JMU Coby Branch caught a tough break. A real tough break. He suffered an asthma attack that left him paralyzed and blind. A couple of his former teammates, including Vad Lee and Dominick Richards, are trying to raise some much needed funds to help as Coby works his way through rehab. You can read all about it at the GoFundMe page Vad set up.

So here’s the part where we ask for presents. It would make us ridiculously happy if everyone who enjoys this blog even the littlest bit, could donate some money to the cause if they have the means. Even if it’s only 5 or 10 bucks, it would help out. There are plenty of worthy causes to support and we know many of you donate both time and money to them already. But if you’ve got a little something extra or are looking to do some good this time of year, please consider making a donation for Coby.

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  1. Chris / Dec 15 2016

    I donated. GO DUKES!

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