Dec 20 / Rob

JMU Fans Are Gonna Paint Toyota Stadium Purple

Well isn’t that something? JMU’s pending trip to Frisco has had our social circles buzzing, both in real life and online. Still though, we weren’t sure if it was just our own little purple echo chamber, or if JMU fans were especially hyped to travel for this game. Apparently, it’s the latter. Considering how many friends and other fans we’ve heard from who already secured tickets via the secondary market, it’s safe to say that Frisco Stadium has the potential to be Bridgeforth West on January 7. Prepare to Lock the Damn Gates of Toyota Stadium and fill it with streamers!


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  1. Sons of Bridgeforth / Dec 21 2016

    BridgeFrisco Stadium, BFS

  2. 98 Duke / Dec 21 2016

    Does anyone know if the NCAA allows the sale of alcohol in the stadium? #askingforafriend

  3. maddukes98 / Dec 21 2016

    Good question 98 Duke. BTW – I was ’98 as well! What major?

  4. Kevin / Dec 21 2016

    Yes, there WILL be alcohol sales inside the stadium during the game.

  5. Steve / Dec 21 2016

    Because this is not a college stadium on a college campus alcohol sales should be allowed. Can check with the stadium.

  6. Jackie Papers / Dec 22 2016

    This is the first year beer & wine will be sold in the stadium. The JMU tailgating lot is behind our sections on the west side of the stadium. Apparently the teams walk into the stadium from the west side and it’s supposed to be a do not miss moment.

  7. Sunchase / Dec 25 2016

    For the record, the NCAA doesn’t disallow alcohol sales at stadiums on campus. Several stadiums sell alcohol on campus, including WVU and (I think) LSU.

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