Jan 4 / Rob

This Guy Roots (or something)

natty-tattooLook, we’re pretty excited for Saturday’s FCS National Championship. And we’re very confident in the Dukes chances. But not as confident as Noah Bennett is. There’s “I think my team will probably win.” sort of confidence. Then there’s “I’m so damn sure my team will win that I’m getting it tattooed on my ass.” sort of confidence. Guess which one Noah has. Here’s a link to the full pic Noah posted for those who want to check it out (why?). We went with the edited version, because while we love Noah’s faith in the Dukes, nobody needs to see his bare ass this early in the morning. Or any time if we’re being honest.


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  1. zac / Jan 4 2017

    Technically – isn’t this the 2016 championship? So he’s REALLY confident in next year’s team.

  2. Michael / Jan 4 2017

    Thank God they added more squat racks at UREC… #Ass2Grass

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