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Mike Houston Announces JMU Football Spring Game Details

houston gatoradeMike Houston was a special guest today at the O’Neill’s Grill Fan & Press Luncheon. He was there to talk about the Dukes’ Spring Football plans and he dropped a few nuggets in the process. First of all, the team’s Spring Game will take place on April 8 in Bridgeforth Stadium. The twist is that there will be a post game ceremony on the field to hand out the 2016 FCS National Championship rings right after the game. So we’re guessing JMU is trying to boost attendance at the Spring Game. That works for us. Nothing wrong with a little April tailgating.

Houston also mentioned that Conor Mitch, has left the JMU football program. As you recall, Mitch joined the team last summer as a graduate transfer from the University of South Carolina (USC). He earned the starting job at USC, only to suffer a season ending injury. While he never made a significant impact on the field for JMU, we like to think that his presence provided that extra bit of motivation Bryan Schor needed to elevate his game. For that we thank Mitch and wish him well.

In other personnel news, Coach Houston officially stated that Terrance Alls, Brandon Hereford, and two other players who were suspended for undisclosed reasons for the semifinals and championship game, are back with the team. Additionally, Marcell Johnson was dismissed from the team. Alls and Hereford were the only players who were ever formally announced as suspended. There weren’t a lot of details about the players’ status, but it’s safe to assume they’re in some sort of “Jimmy Moreland earning it all over again” status. Both guys are studs, so it’s great to have them back.

Houston also reiterated that JMU is ready to make an FBS move, if the right opportunity comes along. Guess it’s always good to have your coach speak directly about such things, but this was much ado about nothing when you think about it. JMU has been pretty clear that it’s not interested in jumping for the first FBS opening that presents itself. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Stay patient and wait for the right fit. That might mean waiting until a total shakeup of the G5 and a move to regional conferences, which seems a little less far fetched given the Liberty waiver and situations with UMass and UConn. Essentially, it’s the same as it ever was, but at least now the Head Coach is the one addressing it head on. There are no options right now, but should one that works for the entire athletics program emerge, JMU will go for it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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