Feb 24 / Todd

Men’s Hoops Wins, Loses On Same Night

Official beverage of Pillow-Fight Friday!

Official beverage of Pillow-Fight Friday!

Well, as Rob said on Twitter last night, the JMU Men’s game against cellar-dwelling Drexel was an entertaining struggle between bad teams. But the Dukes rode solid performances by Jackson Kent and Ramone Snowden and a spark off the bench from Tommy V.  to hang onto a win over the conference’s last-place team. So they won.

Unfortunately, they also lost when a half-hour after the game, Northeastern hung on 105-104 in double OT to beat Elon and lock the Dukes back into their customary slot on Pillow-Fight Friday at the CAA Tourney. Amongst longtime CAA enthusiasts, Pillow-Fight Friday refers to the play-in games between the bottom teams in the league that collectively have zero chance of winning the tourney – seriously, it’s never happened – that take place on Friday before the quarterfinals start in earnest on Saturday. These games, which we’ve had the misfortune to attend many times, are rockfights between mediocre to bad teams. They have historically been sparsely attended. This year’s tournament takes place in Charleston, South Carolina. The four teams “featured” on Pillow-Fight Friday are JMU, Philly’s Drexel, Strong Island’s Hofstra, and the Toll Booth’s Delaware. There might be double-digit paying customers in North Charleston Arena. Might.

One final entertaining side note on last night. We called the game “fugly” on the Twitters at one point. Something that a Drexel site retweeted us saying which led to a hot-mic catching the Drexel announcing team chastising that account, Always a Dragon (@AlwaysDU), for using what the announcers were interpreting was profanity. Silly Dragons. Fun for us though!

Now back to good times with Softball, Women’s Hoops, and Lacrosse!

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