Apr 18 / Rob

Everett Withers Didn’t Like His Players Last Year

First off, let us say that we sincerely appreciate the contributions Everett Withers made while serving as the head coach of JMU football. He injected some much needed enthusiasm into the program at a time it was needed. But the man seems to have never encountered a bad situation that wasn’t someone else’s fault. Now he implies that the players he inherited at Texas State weren’t good people. Surely that’s the reason the team struggled so badly on the field, right coach?
Look, we’d love to give him the benefit of the doubt here and assume that he just had a mixed up way of saying that he thought the new recruits were a better fit for his vision. That’s not it though. It really was just a dumb statement by a guy who doesn’t really see the big picture. JMU is so much better off with Mike Houston.


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  1. M.Bittner / Apr 18 2017

    I think it’s pretty safe to say his players didn’t like him either. I know a lot of the spectators didn’t like his coaching ethic and I know a lot of people are glad he’s gone. It’s obvious he wasn’t good for the team. JMU is do much better off with Mike Houston

  2. ShadyP / Apr 19 2017

    Withers is what he is…..He was good for JMU short-term to inject some energy back into the program, but clearly not a good long-term solution. Hey Withers got paid and JMU has a much better longer-term solution in Coach Houston. Win-Win I guess if you look at it like that.

    Withers should probably hire a team spokesperson to interact with the media, b/c that is not his strong suit.

  3. maddukes98 / Apr 20 2017

    I’m pretty sure this just confirmed everything we thought.

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