Jun 29 / Rob

Throwback Thursday: Terrance Alls Takes it to the House

Good morning everyone. There’s still zippy going on in the world of JMU sports, so let’s take a little stroll down memory lane. Today we bring you a spectacular 54 yard touchdown by Terrance Alls against New Hampshire. We chose this play because in many ways we think it summarizes JMU football’s 2016 season. The offensive line gave Bryan Schor plenty of time to throw, he threaded the needle, the receiver made a great catch, and a CAA defensive looked helpless chasing a Duke all the way into the endzone. Your 2016 JMU football season in a nutshell.


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  1. Cam / Jun 29 2017

    Did you catch the UNH fan who screams What? when Alls gets away then yells Get #4 off the field (guy Alls turned around).

  2. Rob / Jun 30 2017

    @Cam we didn’t catch that. It’s hilarious though.

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