Aug 7 / Rob

JMU Lands at #1 in Preseason Poll

schor-vs-tribePreseason polls are nothing more than a reminder that football is right around the corner. They don’t really mean squat and as a general rule we like to ignore them. But we also have a rule on this blog that any poll, ranking, or list about on virtually any topic, will be blown out of proportion and hyped up if it puts JMU at the top. Especially if it pops up in the offseason. Because mediocre content doesn’t create itself. And today Stats released its official FCS Preseason Poll with JMU ranked number one. So we’re kind of OK with preseason polls this year.

JMU was the overwhelming first choice, gathering 134 of 163 first place votes. North Dakota State ended up second. That is pretty much the story. NDSU has been the preseason favorite for the past 6 years. But now it’s the Dukes who enter the season with the big target on their backs. Bryan Schor for one, seems perfectly fine with that. The way he put it, “It’s not something we’re going to run away from as a team. We realize people are going to be gunning for us. We were lucky enough to go on and win a national championship. That’s something that everybody else wants.” Well there you go. Run it back boys.


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  1. bastein410 / Aug 8 2017

    Why is this offseason taking so long?

  2. M@ / Aug 8 2017

    @bastein410 because the football gods are toying with us.

  3. 2004 Duke / Aug 8 2017

    To be the man you have to beat the man.

    …Unless you are Ohio State. Then you get the belt handed to you by the committee before the season even starts. Thank god for FCS playoffs.

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