Aug 24 / Rob

JMU Has the Best Football Program in Virginia

map-football2This isn’t exactly breaking news, because we’ve been saying it for year, but now it’s official. Hero Sports has declared JMU the best football program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You can go to the site to read all about the methodology used, but in a nut shell, it’s purely scientific and JMU crushes.

JMU is in select company with other top P5 teams from across the country such as Stanford, Clemson, and Florida State. As well as some successful, but lesser know teams such as Linfield and Mary Hardin-Baylor. So when you take a step back and view everything in context, it makes total sense. But it’s really more fun to just ignore everything else and focus on the fact that JMU is better than UVA, VA Tech, RU, ODU, and William & Mary.

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