Aug 29 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: The 2017 Season Preview Addition

We promised you a lightning preview and we delivered, um, something else. Last night we recorded our season preview and it went on a little longer than we planned. But can you really blame us? We’re just so excited for the Dukes to defend their title.

Give it a listen to hear us break down the position groups, discuss the other CAA contenders, and talk about our expectations for the Dukes. And to prove we’re well rounded, we even offer a few last minute summer reading selections.

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  1. Tripp / Aug 29 2017

    Another excellent podcast fellas – just to prove I listened to the end – my favorite book I read this summer is an old one but a good (a bit dense) – Steinbeck’s East of Eden. The end gave me chills.

  2. M@ / Aug 31 2017

    Richmond must have a chip on their shoulder after hearing so much about the Dukes. I am so worried about Bill and Mary. Nobody seems to be talking about them and we have to go there.

    I’m currently reading the Percy Jackson series with my daughter. She love Greek mythology as do I.

  3. Rob / Aug 31 2017

    @Tripp it’s always fun to read the greats like Steinbeck. I went back for some Hemingway this summer.

    @M@ That’s great you’re reading Percy Jackson with your daughter. My son is currently obsessed with that series, as he’s also a big fan of Greek mythology.

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