Sep 23 / Rob

Gameday: JMU vs. Maine

The Dukes have a date with the Maine Black Bears to get CAA play started today. It should be JMU’s hardest test of the season. Maine is always a tough out, but we like the Dukes’ chances. Bridgeforth is sold out for the first time this season and the Family Weekend crowd will be ready to root. Todd is taking this one in from our JMUSB NC Headquarters and I’ll be watching from lovely Newport, RI. Consider this your official open thread for all pre-game, in-game, and post-game chat. Now it’s time to Start Wearing Purple!

Go Dukes!

Keep Rootin!


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  1. Ken / Sep 23 2017

    good blitz p/u by marshall — but the pressure did make Schor uncomfortable.

  2. Ken / Sep 23 2017

    Over the top! Nice throw/catch!

  3. Ken / Sep 23 2017

    What a punt! hits at the 6-inch line and bounds straight up!

  4. Rob K / Sep 24 2017

    A few general points after a day to digest the game: (1) it looked like Jordan Brown was held during the long run by Mack. If he’s not held, he makes that play and Mack’s rushing stats look very different. (2) the targeting call on Maginley was absurd. The punter cuts inside right before the hit – he was not going out of bounds. Plus the fact that the penalty was called after a play was run. (3) O’Kelly is my favorite JMU Aussie player ever.

  5. ShadyP / Sep 25 2017

    Rob K — Agree 100% with your thoughts……it looked to me like there was a lot of holding against our dline that was not called when they were coming through and the Maine guys were holding the back on their jerseys.

    I was very pleased with the way Marcus Marshall played in this game. He really stepped up with Cardon out. He is a tough, physical runner with a serious burst of speed.

    That targeting call was absurd… soon as you take off running with the ball you essentially become a running back. The kid got ‘blew-up’ and hit hard but getting hit hard while trying to get a first down does not make it a penalty.

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