Sep 12 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Dukes Win Big and Around the FCS

We’re back with another episode of your favorite podcast a free podcast you can listen to. In this episode we discuss the Dukes 52-10 win over ETSU, try to figure out if we know anything at all after two weeks of FCS play, and then get way ahead of ourselves breaking down which teams need to lose in order to make College Gameday in the Burg 2.0 happen. Finally we go a little off topic with some USMNT footie talk. It won’t hurt you to listen. You might even enjoy it.

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  1. Deacon Danny / Sep 12 2017

    Good stuff. I now have it on my weekly schedule to listed to your Podcast at some point during the week. And keep the soccer talk to a minimum… that part actually did hurt a little:) Go Dukes!

  2. Swayze / Sep 12 2017

    You lost me at soccer… insert Reed angry face…

  3. Ken / Sep 12 2017

    Nice podcast, up until you started in on ‘futbol.’

    I think what is notable about the EWU – NDSU game was that the Bison held the ball for close to 43 minutes and EWU apparently is trying to run an offense more balanced between run and pass. Hasn’t worked out well for them so far.

    Agree it is still too early for sweeping pronouncements about how the season will play out for the FCS’ heavy hitters, but that doesn’t keep speculation down in FCS fan bases around the country.

    FCS is moving fairly rapidly in the direction of the MBB NCAA tournament — a core of teams from which the champ emerges each year, an occasional darkhorse, and a couple of teams that can shake up the bracket in the first two rounds.

    The biggest ‘x’ variable each year is the 33% seeding model paired with regionalization. That give you quarterfinal bracket like last year with chald on the 1,4,5,8 side and only the 2 surviving on the other side (think back to 2006 for the perils of regional games).

    Play the games and build a case for either of the two top seeds — in the grand scheme it means little if your team is the 1 or 2.

  4. Rob / Sep 13 2017

    So if we’re understanding everyone, you want more soccer talk. Haha. Thanks for listening folks.

  5. M@ / Sep 13 2017

    Sure; more soccer talk. I just tuned that out anyway. 🙂

  6. Brian / Sep 13 2017

    So Gameday possibilities. everyone keeps bring up the Villanova game. Is it that Richmond will Fall by Nov? or is it that there are too many other likely good matchups?

  7. Rob / Sep 13 2017

    It’s potentially the Nova game because of the lack of marquee FBS match-ups that day and the fact that Lee Fitting (from ESPN) stated that was the weekend JMU is under consideration for.

  8. Roll Dukes / Sep 14 2017

    Nova is the one game I’ll be able to make it up to Harrisonburg for this year, so I hope it happens. Also, more soccer talk, please.

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