Sep 27 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Winning in the CAA and Harry Potter

We recorded this week’s podcast last night and it’s a good one still free. In this episode we discuss the Maine game and how difficult it is to win consistently in the CAA. We also look ahead to the Dukes’ first in conference road clash this weekend up in Delaware. Then finally we veer off topic (way off topic) and talk a little Harry Potter. Come for the Dukes’ football chat, stay for when we compare Draco Malfoy to a Richmond fan.


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  1. Drake / Sep 27 2017

    Anytime you can turn Harry Potter into a football reference, I’m listening. I think the movie version of Slughorn is my fav because of the actor and all the funny expressions he makes. Plus, he got drunk and spilled butter beer on Ron.

  2. Rob / Sep 28 2017

    Glad you enjoyed it Drake.

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