Oct 8 / Todd

ESPN’s College Gameday Returns to The Valley!

We really are the luckiest fanbase in the world! For the second time in three years, we knew a few weeks ago that our beloved JMU had an outside chance to host ESPN’s College Gameday. Just like 2015, we needed a 19-game parley Vegas wouldn’t even accept to make it happen. And as always, Dukes Never Disappoint!

As of last weekend, we thought Utah at USC would be the crusher of Dukes’ dreams. Then USC went and lost to Mike Leach and Wazzu on The Paulouse late-night last Friday. And Utah managed to mess around and give a home game to Stanford (ok, maybe Bryce Love had something to do with it) late last night. And in between, Youngstown (hosting NDSU this week) managed to lose a tight one in Vermillion, South Dakota to the USD Coyotes and the vaunted Oklahoma Sooners, whose QB was a Heisman favorite and had already planted the flag at the Horseshoe this year limped out of the weekend with a horrible home loss to a perennial Big 12 also-ran Iowa St. Cyclones’ squad, thus taking any remaining shine off the Red River Shootout versus Texas next week. And those are just the highlights of the ways the college football universe magically aligned to allow the Dukes another few days of unrivaled free advertising for the best place on Earth!

And this year, Coach Houston’s here to make sure the result doesn’t disappoint either! Now it’s time to show the college football world that we can step up our game even more. Don’t think for one minute this is some new normal. There are Power 5 schools that have never hosted once (looking at you Rutgers, Maryland, and Duke) much less twice in three years.

So with that said, by hook or by crook make your signs and find your way to RockTown this week to enjoy every second. Seriously, this is the time to suck the marrow out of your JMU obsession cause whatever greatness lies ahead, it’s hard to imagine a stretch where the highs will ever be this consistent. Besides the fact we both have day jobs and we’re old, we’re going to do everything we can to give you as much great JMUSB content as possible this week and we hope you’ll make us a part of your “GamedayWeek”! Also, come tailgate with us in D-Lot! Follow us on Twitter and FB as always and we’re going to try and break our own record (admittedly, not much of record) for groundbreaking (for us) stuff this week. We’ll be recording our best podcast yet tomorrow night and we’re super excited to welcome our first real guest – someone whose timing could not possibly be better. And to have an actual sponsor for the episode that could not possibly be more “on-brand.”  Hahaha, somebody kick me for that last sentence. Oh yeah, and we’re going to have a very special JMUSB Gameday tee available tomorrow from the badass new site BreakingT. No more all-cotton Dad shirts for us, we’ve got a legit company making cool tees for Dukes everywhere to improve their Rootin abilities!

Lastly, we’re working on Old Man Dos and Don’ts On Gameday for you to plan your trip. Have fun this week and Go Dukes!


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  1. Roll Dukes / Oct 9 2017

    Praise the football gods for the Youngstown and Oklahoma losses.


  2. Drake / Oct 9 2017

    I love that Houston has already said that they won’t be making any visits to the set. Many things caused JMU to lose last time Gameday was in town but the former head coach auditioning for a “bigger” job on live TV certainly hurt them. I look back to the playoff run and that shows me how locked in Coach can get them. I’m just sad I’ll be out of the country and will miss it. Thank the gods for DVR.

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