Oct 18 / Todd


Honestly, this is a placeholder post we can keep linking back to so just bear with us. As many of you know, we’ve started developing our own little shop of JMUSB merch! Of course, in true JMUSB fashion, we haven’t promoted it well, been a little all over the place, and worst of all, created it in two separate “stores” for different items. So in the interest of trying to keep everything in one place and always having a place to refer readers/listeners back to on our actual flagship (the blog! 2011 called and said she’s still hunting for the last remaining blogs in the wild) we’re posting here about everything we have available. As always, thanks to @bpmarkowitz for all the great design work.

Lastly, we’ve got two more great shirts planned this year (a Game of Thrones themed shirt and what will be our staple with our new logo)  and at least one other item plus something great for hoops.

Been friends for 20+ years and this is the first picture where we’re both holding waters.

If you would like our fantastic Gameday shirt, click here.

If you’d like the awesome new Rootin’ shirt in purple or gold, or a Lock the Damned Gates, or even an old Start Wearing Purple, click here.

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