Oct 24 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Step Away From the Ledge, That Makes 19 Straight

The latest JMUSB pod is up for your listening pleasure. In this episode we talk about how it’s a little bit crazy that folks are freaking out after a 32 point win over William & Mary, look forward to a few match-ups with prolific offenses, and then chat about about some of our favorite sportswriters. Once again, if y’all enjoy listening even half as much as we enjoyed recording it, things will be alright. Enjoy.

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  1. Drake / Oct 24 2017

    I like you guys even more now after that Bitter Southerner mention! Good stuff.

  2. M@ / Oct 25 2017

    I used to enjoy Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column before I stopped watching the NFL. I had to stop watching the NFL because I was a Redskins victim and decided to make a break from that particular abusive relationship.

  3. Todd / Oct 25 2017

    M@ – I’m with you. Loved that column but I’m a fellow HTTR guy and I never learn. Another black eye on Monday night haha.

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