Nov 7 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Talking Win over Rhody, Satchmo, & Coach O

This week’s podcast ran a little long, but we think you’ll find it worth it. We kicked things off by going behind enemy lines to talk Spider football with the man behind our favorite previews on the internet, Satchmo. Then we were incredibly grateful to have Sean O’Regan, Head Coach of JMU Women’s Basketball, join us to discuss the season that tips of Friday. Finally we welcomed our friend Zac Price on to talk about why JMU fans love this rivalry with RU so much.

Thanks again to our podcast sponsor Pale Fire Brewing. Drop in for a beer next time you’re in the ‘burg.

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  1. Rob(not that one) / Nov 7 2017

    First time listener of the podcast, not much of a podcast guy, but this was great! I loved the Satchmo portion and the follow up with Zac afterwards was great. The O’Regan stuff was good but the Satchmo point on was golden. I really wish you would’ve asked him about their stadium though. You had a golden opportunity when he mentioned who was part of his spider gang “oh wow…5 couples are apart of that gang? So you guys must fill up most of the north side bleachers do you ever chat with the other 10 fans there or do you guys keep to yourself in your own gang?” or perhaps “Let me ask you a question Satchmo that I think alot of duke fans have been curious about since we aren’t able to experience it at BFS. I am assuming that on any given home gameday you know every person seated in the rollout bleachers you guys have there. Does everyone take 1 car over to the game? Does the entire stadium hit up Shoney’s or cracker barrel after the game? And finally to wrap things up satchmo, how shocked are you and your friends that more action movies are not using the term “Barney” during pivotal scenes? Because really what could sound more bad A than Tony Montana saying “Say hello to my little friend…you barney!”?

  2. Mike in OHio / Nov 7 2017

    Just listened to the podcast a little while ago. A good listen and some great humor. Liked the Satchmo interview and had forgotten until he mentioned it that U. Richmond used to be the place that Virginia Baptists sort of aspired to attend. Now they probably would not set foot on that campus. Think this weekend’s cold forecast will have any effect on Richmond’s passing game? Don’t think it is supposed to be much wind but temperatures only about 40. Was worried about this game but as it gets closer am feeling more confident. Still undecided on whether to attend but will be listening if not there. Appreciate the work you guys do publicizing JMU sports. Hopefully you will provide some info on the men’s basketball team when the season starts. Go Dukes.

  3. Rob / Nov 7 2017

    I think the cold weather will only help the Dukes, by making it tougher for UR to throw. We’ll see though.

    We’ll definitely be covering hoops again. I’m not sure this year’s Dukes team will compete for the CAA, but I think we’re going to love the new recruits and will have plenty of reason for optimism going forward. I’m really excited to see Zach Jacobs and Matt Lewis in particular.

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