Nov 11 / Rob

Gameday: Dukes vs. Ticks

It’s finally here guys. Dukes vs. Ticks in Bridgeforth Stadium. There’s nothing like a JMU gameday, but when Richmond comes to town things rise up to a different level. Today we’ll have the pleasure of watching JMU’s outstanding defense face its toughest test of the season. Kyle Lauletta has been slinging the ball all over the field this season. He hasn’t faced a unit anywhere near as effective as Andrew Ankrah and the boys. If you’re headed to the game, stay warm and be loud. If you’re watching at home, you can be loud there too. Now it’s time to Lock the Damn Gates!

Go Dukes!

Keep Rootin!


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  1. wexcelsior / Nov 11 2017

    Insert complaint about offense.

  2. JMU2K1 / Nov 11 2017

    Quick thoughts:

    1. The defense is phenomenal.
    2. Richmond killed themselves with penalties, it was like watching past versions of JMU.
    3. Our inability to run the ball will prevent a deep playoff run. Yes, I understand there will be howls from the “we’ve won 22 in row, how can you criticize” crowd, but we can’t run the ball.
    4. We are definitely gutsy. Both the offense and defense came up big when it mattered.

  3. Rob / Nov 11 2017

    No denying that the offense looked sluggish most of the day, but man did they step up on the last drive. Just a beautiful response and impressive drive. This D is just straight nasty.

  4. Deacon Danny / Nov 11 2017

    The O-line is just not very good. Why did they not block the whole day, like they did on the last drive.I hope they can figure out something before the playoffs!

  5. RB / Nov 12 2017

    a win is a win, but I agree with 2k1 – this team is trending toward an early playoff exit. defense is solid but gave up way too much in the passing game yesterday with defenders not within two yards of receivers on several plays. offense is anemic, hot/cold, inconsistent (pick a term) and continues to run up the middle with little success, instead of using counter action or off tackle and sweeps to get to the edge. stupid penalties didn’t help yesterday either, just have to be better than that when you know you are the hunted.

    yesterday was a must win for UNH who beat Elon and probably gained a playoff spot as a result. This week will be a must win for Elon – beat the Dukes and you get a first round bye and a home playoff game, lose and, at best, you are one of the last 6 in the field and traveling to play a first round game. That’s a huge difference and Elon will be fired up. That said, Elon doesn’t look that impressive on paper, Dukes need to make this a statement game and win the CAA outright, keep the undefeated streak and enter the playoffs on an uptick.

    Now, back to Richmond game – need someone to explain the punt that UR downed at the JMU 1 (I think it was late first half). The UR player looked to have clearly stepped in the endzone and was first to touch the ball without re-establishing in field of play. Why wasn’t it a touchback? I think the NCAA rule is the ball can’t cross the goaline, but does that mean a player can stand in the endzone and reach across back into the field of play to down it (I’d understand if he were airborne in the endzone and hadn’t touched down, but I’m thinking that play should have been reviewed?)

  6. Devon / Nov 12 2017

    Yes, I watched that one back on MASN, you can be in the end zone and touch the ball as long as the ball doesn’t cross. Different in NCAA and NFL.

    As for the game, this game had me the most nervous. UR had every reason to win this game, JMU was just playing to extend their streak. They showed they coiuld play and win in a close game. The defense is truly special. They may not be flashy on offense, but they don’t need to be.

  7. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 12 2017

    Yes, I am part of the “they have won 22 straight” crowd. (I would say “we”, but coach never put me in). I will give the coaches the benefit of the doubt (including their decision not to put me in).
    The defense is awesome. I don’t care how many yards they give up while giving up one touchdown or less every game.
    The offense is doing enough to win. Show me a team that we are going to run across in the playoffs that have such a strong offense that they are going to score a lot against this defense and at the same time have such a strong defense that the Dukes will not be able to put up at least 17 points.
    Of course anything can happen in the playoffs, but that would be true if we were putting up Whithers-like numbers.
    I predict there will be fans standing around after the Dukes hold up the trophy in Frisco saying “we only won by 3, and we are going to be terrible next year…”
    If you can’t enjoy a ride like we have been on the last two years…I don’t even know what to say.
    I hope that it is not so worth it to you to be able to say that you knew it was too good to be true that you can’t enjoy this journey.
    Say whatever you want, you are not going to kill my buzz.
    Go Dukes!

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