Nov 23 / Todd

Happy Thanksgiving JMU Nation

We lost the G.O.A.T. but have lots to be thankful for this year largely thanks to his inspiration.
And yes, Buckhantz of House Dagger is our dream podcast guest!

All of JMU Nation has a whole lot to be thankful for this year. And on a personal note, the two of us are filled with gratitude for so many things big and small related to our tiny little corner of that magical place. Here’s a few of those things for which we feel so fortunate, in no particular order, but there’s no way in the world we could ever list them all.

Mike Houston. Speculation Central has already cranked up, but at least for today, we choose to just be thankful for one of the greatest hires, and perfect fits, JMU has ever lucked into.

Bob Trott. Can’t talk about the HC without being thankful for the Defensive Coordinator.

JMU Nation – yes, the Facebook page. We know it gets crazy, and at times antagonistic, and you really do have to turn of off the notifications, and Facebook is destroying our culture and making us depressed, but it has like 12,000 members and there’s little doubt in our mind that the interaction between fans, the sharing of information, and the very presence of an outlet on a platform where boomers and their kids are equally comfortable and competent has been a huge factor in the rising tide that is floating all boats in the peripheral land of JMU fandom. Great work Carol and company and we hope it’s original intent – for the Queen of the Dallas Dukes to inform JMU fans about all things Frisco – will be revived again this holiday season.

The Senior Class of JMU Football players – 4 playoff appearances, 3 CAA titles, 1 National Championship, and essentially an entire regular season at #1. All with a couple academic superstars and a relatively drama-free period off-the-field.

Andy, Bob, Rebecca and co. – making D-Lot a great tailgating spot since the day it was paved.

The improved talent on the men’s hoops roster. The record not be special this year, but just watch the team. It’s night and day from the last few years on pure talent. Can you say Stuckey Mosley?!

What a program!

Megan Good – We love football of course and a Natty is special, but we’re talking about a face on the Mt. Rushmore of JMU athletes here, and we all have another spring and summer to look forward to watching this incredible player!

Attendance – complain all you want about students leaving early, but JMU led the nation in FCS Attendance this year.

The open-mindedness and willingness to be creative by the Duke Club and the team of SID’s in JMU Athletics.

ESPN College Gameday has been to JMU twice. ESPN College Gameday has never been to NC State, Virginia, Washington St., etc.

CJ Sapong back in the USMNT. Let us never speak of that team again.

3 potential home playoff games – This is incredible, and only the second time it’s ever happened for the Dukes. Make all the games you can, enjoy the weather (how often in life do you get the chance to be a kid again?), and root like hell. But also kindly remember that it’s December, and life gets in the way for people in December, and maybe don’t shame anyone who needs to root from home, or a pre-planned family vacation, on a given week.

Greg Madia and Josh Walfish – The level of coverage on the local beats in the DNR lately is unprecedented.

All of you! – Seriously, it’s hard to believe Rob and I have been doing this since 2009. And admittedly, even with the success of JMU Athletics the last few years and real support from within a few corners of official JMU, our energy and dedication for a no bull-shit, no monetization, labor-of-love hobby/project/dorkfest might’ve waned. But taking the chance on doing the podcast this past summer has entirely rejuvenated JMUSB HQ! We’ve managed to keep writing here and we don’t plan to stop, but we can’t possibly thank you all enough for listening, interacting, and supporting us even with our frequent digressions and our amateur nature because it’s one of our favorite things we do each week. (Now we’ll go emotionally prepare our selves for what happens after football season)


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  1. JMU2K1 / Nov 23 2017

    Don’t have the Twitter, but referencing the post about Youngstown: that was 2006.

    2005: Missed playoff debacle
    2006, Youngstown: Mickey tried to sit on an 11 point lead for the entire 4th quarter

    Great Thanksgiving post…

  2. Drake / Nov 24 2017

    I’m hoping with Coach Houston, JMU can pony up an extension, or maybe they’ve talked with him about the move to FBS. I’m not for or against the move, but that would be one way they could keep him. Other programs who have a history of success at FCS have kept coaches, I don’t see how we can’t. Why couldn’t JMU move up to a conference and keep all other sports CAA, like Villanova being in CAA for football but not basketball.

  3. Mike in OHio / Nov 24 2017

    @Drake. I think what you suggest would only work if JMU were joining a basketball only conference. Any FBS conference would probably expect JMU to be in the conference for all sports. So the ones they are sometimes associated with moving to like the Sun Belt or Conference USA have schools in them that participate in all sports. It works for Villanova to be in the CAA for football only because they are in the Big East for most everything else and the Big East does not sponsor football any longer. I also think there is a rule that says if a school is Division 1 in all other sports, they can’t have a Division 2 or 3 football team. So Villanova continues to be Division 1 in football by being in the CAA which is considered Division 1 but FCS. I may be wrong about that and maybe someone else may know more. But I don’t think you would see JMU moving to say, the Sun Belt for football and then keep all other sports in the CAA. No other conference would probably go for it.

  4. Herb / Nov 25 2017

    I am told that the administration is working on things to keep Houston. One thing I find interesting is the attendance numbers in MAC, Conf USA, Sun Belt. By in large, ours is higher all of the time with just a few exceptions. We really have a good thing here at JMU.

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