Nov 26 / Rob

Chuck Piore Has No Idea How Standings Work

Chuck Piore is the head coach of Stony Brook University (you would’ve had to Google it). You’d assume that as the head coach of a college football team, he’d understand how league standings work. You’d be wrong however. Because he claims that he had to bite his tongue when everyone talked about JMU winning the CAA title. The title JMU won by going 11-0 overall and 8-0 in CAA play.

What exactly is making Piore bite his tongue every time someone mentions JMU’s conference title? Is he just dying to point out that Stony Brook finished second by going 7-1? Does he want us all to recognize Stony Brook as some sort of vice-champion ready to assume the role of champion should JMU be unable to fulfill its obligations? We’re not even mad really. We’re just confused. JMU won more games than anyone else in the CAA. The Dukes are the champions. That’s how these things work Coach Piore. It’s pretty standard.

We’d get it if he simply said he was looking forward to playing JMU to decide who the best team in the CAA was, or something to that effect. But biting his tongue? His team finished second. And they finished second according to the same general rules accepted by every single league in every single sport around the world as far as we can tell. It makes no sense. None.

In any case, it’s playoff week for the JMU Dukes. And Coach Piore’s odd comment probably means a whole lot more to JMU fans, than it does to Coach Houston or anyone else on the roster. We’re sure he was just trying to cause a stir and maybe get folks to pay attention to Stony Brook football. Considering only 4,131 fans showed up to see his team beat Lehigh 59-29 in round one, maybe he should’ve started chirping earlier.


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  1. Devon / Nov 26 2017

    Just makes me appreciate Coach Houston more. He never says anything that the other team can put on their bulliten board. He goes into every game saying what a great team they are, and then settles everything on the field. Not sure why coaches keep saying stuff to get JMU even more fired up for the game. If he is trying to rally his team, they should be fired up enough being in the playoffs…Oh well, we will settle it Dec 2.

  2. Wil Davis / Nov 26 2017

    SB reminds me of Elon. Benefitted from lower end CAA schedule and won some squeakers. Dukes and SB shared six common opponents. URI, WM, UD, Maine, UR, UNH. Dukes surrendered 47 total points to those teams. SB….127. That’s almost two TDs per game more allowed. Avg margin of victory for JMU was 21 in those games. SB was just over 7 on their five wins. They lost to UD.

    This coach knows he’s got an unwinnable game. He’s trying to get JMU out of focus. This game should be close. I trust Houston to keep them on point. Dukes 35-10

  3. wexcelsior / Nov 26 2017

    I’m really not sure why you would ever write Coach Houston’s pregame speech for him. Especially when it’s gate-locking season.

  4. Dukie95 / Nov 27 2017

    I love that this has become a thing among the JMU fan base. I’m less in love that the only source of this quote has been this rando jmutwitter guy.

  5. M@ / Nov 27 2017

    @wexcelsior; your comment made me snicker.

  6. Kym / Dec 1 2017

    We are ready for you Coach Piore !

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