Nov 28 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Playoff Talk With Greg Madia

We were pleased to welcome Greg Madia, JMU football beat writer from the Daily News Record, to the latest episode of the JMUSB podcast. Greg talks to us about what it’s like covering Mike Houston and the Dukes and then we look ahead to this weekend’s second round match-up against Stony Brook. Then we wrap things up talking about our favorite beers (hint: shower beers FTW!).

Thanks again to our podcast sponsor Pale Fire Brewing. Drop in for a beer next time you’re in the ‘burg.

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  1. M@ / Nov 29 2017

    Best statement this week: “It wasn’t on the VAX”. Made me giggle.

  2. brian / Nov 29 2017

    I really thought i was the only one who had a dad beer when picking up pizza for the family movie night! now i don’t feel so #ALONE. Thanks

  3. Rob / Dec 1 2017

    Glad you enjoyed it guys. Thanks for listening!

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